We walked into the main hall in the college and got a seat at a small table.

"I'm going to get something to eat." Amanda smiled and headed up to join the que for food.

Paul and I were talking when the girl the walked into me yesterday walked in and glared at me.

I smiled sweetly and waved at her, she turned a deep red in anger and stomped out, her two wannabe's follwing her.

I chuckled and Paul looked at me, eyes wide.

"Lily, you do know that she is one of the meanest people you can ever meet, right?"

I shrugged

"No, like serioulsy. She'll make your life hell." he warned

"I can deal with it." I shrugged

"We're here for you anyway." he smiled as Amanda joined us and nodded.

"Whats her name anyway?" I asked taking a swig of Amandas bottle of water.

"Mandy Miller."

"Seriously? Thats the girl from the club." I said putting my head in my hands

"What?" Paul asked

"Oh, I read about that. Did she not try to throw a drink at you?" Amanda asked

I nodded.

"Yeah she dragged Niall away from you, and you went to look for him and he picked you over her then she started arguing with you and she got kicked out of the club?" Amanda summed up

"Yeah, thats her." I sighed

"Do you think she regognises you?" Paul asked

"Yeah, well lets just hope she's not in any of my classes, eh?"

"I heard she's here to learn how to be a music teacher, so she shouldn't be in our classes." Amanda smled

"Thank God, but Lord help the poor kids that she teaches." 

Paul and Amanda nodded and we fell into another conversation when my phone buzzed signalling I had got a text.

'Heya Lily! Not talked in ages babe me and the boys have a spare ticket for a Ed Sheeran concert in a few nights up your way, feel like coming with me? xxx - AstonBaby;)

I shook my head smiling, rembering letting him put his name in my phone.

'Yeah that'd be great thanks! I'm at college but I finish at half four everynight and I'm off Wednesdays so I'll be able to make it, see you soon babe! xxx -LilyDoll:)

I had a different name in everybodys phone haha, I loved it.

'Great, enjoy college! The boys are looking foward to seeing ya xxxx -AstonBaby;)

"Who ya texting?" Amanda asked

"Aston." I smiled putting my phone in my pocket.

"As in Aston Merrygold? Oh my Gee Lily, he's amazing!" Amanda shouted, getting a few weird looks.

"Keep your bloody voice down." Paul warned rolling his eyes.

Amanda and I pulled a face at him "Yeah." I answered

"Wow, your so lucky." she smiled

I smiled and looked up at the clock.

"I'm going to go drop into a ballet class for a bit." I said and got up, grabbing my things and heading for the dance studios.

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