I pulled on black skinny jeans and a white tank top, then pulled my apron out and tied it around my waist. I slipped my brogues on and but my hair into a neat bun. 

I fixed my makeup then grabbed my phone and headed down stairs.

"Harry, I'm going to work. See you later!" I yelled

He walked out of the kitchen smiling "Okay have a good day..."

"What have you planned?"


"Hmmm, okay." and with that I walked out, grabbing a cardi and walked round the corner to the small cafe I worked in.

"Lily, your late!" Carl my boss reprimanded me.

"Sorry Carl, I had my dance audition today." I smiled going behind the counter and picking up my notepad and pen.

"How did it go?" he asked

"Great, I got in." I grinned

"Well done love, we all knew you could do it." he smiled


I walked out into the main part of the cafe and started taking orders down and then taking the food to the correct tables and cleaning up spills.

It was unusually packed today. I shrugged it off and kept working, sometimes all of my friends would come in and take the piss, trying to make my laugh when I'm taking other peoples orders, tell me I had taken their order down wrong...all that.

"Lily, you can take your break the now if you want." Carl shouted across the large cafe.

"Okay, I'll just do one more table." I shouted back and headed over to a table where six people were sitting.

"Hello, welcome to Cafe Carl. I'm Lily are you guys ready to order?" I asked with my usual cheery smile

"Yes can we have um..." one of them started

"Oh for God sake, I can't sit here anymore. Lily, well done!" one of them stood up and hugged me.

"Erm what?" I asked

"It's me Louis!" he said taking his hat off

"Louis!" I yelled hugging him as the rest of the guys took their sunglasses, hats and hoods off.

"Lily!" the other three boys shouted



"Niall!" I shouted hugging each of them.

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"We had to come up and congratulate you! And it was Harry's idea." Niall smiled

"Thanks." I smiled at harry

"No problem."

"Right guys, whats your orders then I'm on my break so I'll come and sit with you." 

"Just get us some cokes and a cake!" Zayn said

"Okay, no problem."

I walked back a few minutes later with six glasses of coke and a cake for each of them, then I took a seat with them.

"Hello Lily, I'm Paul the boys security gaurd." 

"Hey, Paul. Nice to meet you."

"This cake is amazing!"

"Niall you are in the best cafe in Scotland." I winked

"With the best staff." Zayn smiled

I rolled my eyes but we all fell into easy conversation after that until I got told to go back to work.

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