Chapter 9 'You are my favourite!"

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"Lily why is your hair blonde?" my teacher asked

"I um...used Alex's shampoo." I lied

My teacher just nodded and walked away. I breathed out as we took our seats in the cinema.

We were going to see Ice Age 4 Continental Drift. I know we're 17-18 and we're watching this. We're big kids!

I was wearing my blue jeans and white tank top with moustaches on it with white all stars. My hair was up in a high pony tail, i hoped it would be less noticably blonde but obviously not.

Once the film had finished we were all dancing to The Wanteds 'Chasing the Sun' which we ended up singing on the bus back to the hotel.

"I'm going to to the cafe for a coffee want one guys?" I asked everyone

"Nahh we're fine." they replied pulling food out of their suitcases

I grabbed my phone and money and headed down the stairs towards the cafe.

All day people have been giving me wierd looks, I guess my makeup wasnt covering my bruises well. I shrugged it off all day until someone apporached me

"Are you Harry Styles cousin?" the girl of about 12 asked me

"Yeah.." I said uncertanly

"Wow, I love your style and your so pretty." she gushed

"Awh thank you. Your pretty gorgeous too." I grinned

She blushed "Thank you."

"Do you have a twitter?" I asked her

"Yeah it's @TaylorM_1D" she said shly

"Okay, I'll follow you later love." I replied

"Really?" she asked

"Pinky promise." I smiled holding out my pinky she giggled and hooked her pinky through mine then walked off.

I went up to the cafe and ordered a coffee.

"Do I know you?" the girl behind the counter asked

"Umm, well I've been here for a few days you might regogniseme from around the hotel?" I offered

"Mm your probably right." she shrugged it off and made my coffee

"Hey, Lily." someone behind me whispered

I turned round "Yeah?"

"It's me, Niall." he said lifting his hat up a little bit

"Hey!" I smiled hugging him

"Miss, your coffee." the girl said

"Thanks." I smiled taking the coffee and going to find a seat with Niall.

"Your hairs nice." he laughed

"Niall I have ahot coffee and my hands and it could accidentely spill over you." I winked

"Right okay, sorry." he chuckled

"Why are you here?" I asked sipping my coffee

"Ouch, nice to know I'm loved, eh?" he laughed

"No, you knew what I ment!" I laughed with him

"I came to bring round your clothes and get mine back?" he offered

"Oh it was yours? Sure come on." I answered as we headed for the elevator

"So what are you doing today?" he asked

"Nothing, we went to the cinema earlier and we've got a free night. What are you and the boys doing?" I asked as we walked along the corridor to my room.

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