After my shower I dried my hair and put it up in a bun, while I picked something to wear.

I eventually picked out blue thin jumper along with brown shorts, sandalsa star necklace and a chunky braclete.>>> Then threw somethings in a bad which I sat beside my door. I sat down at my mirror and started straightening my hair again.

I applied my make-up, sprayed myself with perfume and headed out my bedroom door remebering to lift my bag as I headed down stairs.

I had put a beanie and sunglasses in my bag, as the boys had instructed me to so we could all get into the cinema without getting noticed.

The boys were waiting on me when I got downstairs.

"The mini-vans finally here." Louis told me

Finally, the six of us didnt have to squeze into one car any more.

"Pauls driving us too." Liam said as we headed out to the seven seater mini-van.

Paul had been staying in a hotel, having a small break while they boys had been here but was now back to work.

I was sat inbetween Niall and Zayn as we started the half an hour drive to the cinema.

Zayn had fell asleep on my shoulder, five minutes into the drive.

"Did he not sleep last night?" I asked Niall

"He did, he just falls asleep in cars easily." Niall shrugged

"Lily, why are you not allowed in this cinema?" Louis asked from behind us.

"I got kicked out last time for carrying on, someone fell over my feet and I think they broke their wrist. It wasn't my fault she wasnt looking where he was going!" I stuck up for myself.

"I think your the only person, I know that had been kicked out of a cinema." Liam chuckled

"Your a ledgend." Niall laughed.

I smiled as we pulled into the carpark.

We all pulled on out hats and glasses, so did Paul as we headed into the cinema.

I pulled my beanie on and let it hang on my head which I secured with a few kirbys and slipped my glasses on. As Harry and Louis pulled beanies on and Zayn, Niall and Liam put Snapbacks on.

They all pulled on their dark Ray-Bans and I pulled on my normal sunglasses from Newlook pouting.

"We'll get you better glasses soon." Zayn laughed

I smiled as we piled out of the car and into the cinema. Paul bought our tickets as we headed to the popcorn area.

"Erm, three large sweet popcorns please. And one salted for Paul" Harry said

"And six soft drinks and one water." Louis said nodding at me.

After we got handed our snacks Paul came over with the tickets.

"We're just through here." Paul said as we followed him to the right screen.

We all breathed out a sigh of relief once we entered the dimly light room without being noticed.

We pulled off our hats and glasses , then took our seats near the back. I was sat inbetween Harry and Liam.

We were joking around throwing popcorn at each other when the movie started.

-after the film-

"That was amazing!" Niall gushed as we walked out of the cinema into the cool night air.

"Yeah, it was so funny!" Louis agreed chuckling as we slid into the mini-van.

"Atleast Lily never got kicked out." Zayn smiled

"I know, the guy serving the popcorn looked at me weird, it was him who kicked me out last time." I admitted

"I can't belive you got kicked out of a cinema." Harry laughed ruffling my hair

I rolled my eyes at him as we put our seat belts on.

"Group picture!" Niall yelled enforcing it. He was like me wanting to take alot of pictures so we would never forget these times.

We set our phones in the front of the mini-van as we all pulled faces and the phone clicked away taking pictures.

We all smiled for one last one then started driving.

Harry was working the radio, when Mr.Zips 'Where me keys where me phone?' came on>>

We all sang along doing the dance, laughing

Seriously, at the moment. I love my life.

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