Chapter 41 'Preparing!'

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Lily's POV

"Come on guys!" I yelled as Dani, El, Perrie and Jen argued over something

They all sighed and shuffled out of the car and followed me into the bridesmaid dresses.

"What colour are the dresses?" Jennifer asked

I winked at her and tapped my nose.

"Oh God, they're going to be green aren't they?" Danielle sighed

I smiled and nodded "Hey, greens a good colour!"

The girls all smiles at me. Niall had no idea of the colour I had picked for the bridesmaid dresses.

I picked up several green dressed, passing them to the girls who tried them on.

 "They're the ones!" I smiled

The Emerald green came to the girls mid-thigh and had jewels under the breast area meeting in the middle, they were beautiful and suited the girls perfectly. >>> 

(Boys ties in external link)

"I can't believe your marrying Nialler!" Perrie smiled, as I payed for the dresses

"I know, me either." I grinned

"Where have we to go next?" Eleanor asked

"Yous can go home, I'm meeting my Mum to go for my dress. I want it to be a surprise for everyone else." I winked

The girls all groaned at me.

"Jennifer, can you phone Harry and see how their getting on please?"

"Course Lil's." she smiled getting her phone out

"Thanks, right guys. See you back at mine?"

"Yeah, bye Lily! Good luck!" Eleanor smiled

"Thanks, bye girls." I smiled getting in a taxi, getting to the wedding dress shop and meeting my Mum.

Niall's POV

Harry walked off to answer Jennifer's call and I was left trying to get a taxi, Lil's was away to get her dress with her Mum, then I was meeting her to go get invitations, organise flowers and centre pieces. I never knew so much work went into a wedding.

Harry came back a few minutes later, rolling his eyes.

"You all right mate?" I asked

"If'm fine. It's Jen, she's constantly picking an argument with me the now." he sighed as a taxi pulled up

"It might be hard for her." I shrugged sitting in the car.

"How?" Harry asked

"Well everyone else in the groups married, getting married having kids. She might feel like you dont love her enough to start a life with her.

"I love her." he sighed


"But I don't know if I do want to spend my life with her." he sighed

I shrugged "Your only 20 Harry."

"I suppose" he sighed

As we pulled into Lily and I's apartment, I payed the taxi driver and dragged the suits in, hanging them neatly then falling onto the sofa with the rest of the boys, Liam's son and Louis twins.

We were all just chatting and playing games with the kids when the four girls came in, Eleanor and Danielle went straight up to their children, kissing their foreheads then theirs husbands.

I smiled at how happy everyone was, then I looked at Harry. I saw in his eyes that he was going to break up with Jennifer. He shot me a look and I nodded upwards meaning that he could go upstairs for privacy. He nodded gratefully then disappeared with Jennifer.

We all talked for a while until Lily came in. I greeted her with a quick kiss as she put the bridesmaid dresses in the allotted wardrobe for the wedding things. We had a full room for everything wedding related so it would get messed up or anything.

"Ready to go?" she asked smiling. A smile that never left her lips, I felt like I was the same.

"Yeah, lets go." I grinned getting up, taking her hand as we headed out and along to the florist.

Deciding on white and pink lily's, we ordered them and the florist promised to deliver the flowers on the day so they were fresh. For the centre pieces we decided on something simple but cute. Small square glass vases with multicolour roses on them. We also got the vases engraved with our  initials on them.

"So, just to decorate the venue, but we can do that nearer the time?" Lily asked

"Invitations!" I remembered

"Well done Niall! God, we're hopeless. Forgetting everything." she smiled and we re-entered the wedding shop getting the wedding invitations.

That night we wrote out the invitations and sent them out. Finally we could both relax for the first time in six months we weren't worrying over Lily's recovery or the wedding plans.

Lily was fully healed now but had to go into the hospital for regular checkup on her brain.

"We're getting married." Lily breathed out that night as we were laying in bed.

"Not getting cold feet?" I winked

"Course I'm not." she smiled kissing my lips.

"Good." I smirked into the kiss

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