"Ollie, come on wake up." I smiled trying to wake my four year old son

"Ollie, your Daddy's coming home today!" I remindied him

He shot up in bed, his perfect blue eyes wide, dirty blonde hair sticking up in all directions.

"Daddy's home?" he asked

"Yeah and we need to go get him, Uncle Harry, Uncle Lou, Uncle Zayn and Uncle Liam too."

"Will Lux, Alexander and the twins be there?"

"They will." I smiled ruffling his hair "Come on, lets go get breakfast. I've made pancakes." 

He held onto my hand as we made our way down the stairs and into the large open plan kitchen.

I lifted Ollie onto the island and passed him a plate of pancakes and syrup.

"It's not very healthy don't tell Uncle Liam!" I whispered as Ollie chuckled.

Harry and Jennifer got married and have been happily together for the past three years. Perrie and Zayn were expecting a baby any day, Liam and Danielle were happy with their one child, Alexander. Eleanor and Louis had the twins who were now in school, the year underneath Alex. And Niall and I had Ollie James Selley Horan, our four year old perfect son although no one ever believed he was four, he looked so young! Ollie>>>>

Today was the day the boys came home after a month away on their final tour. The boys were almost 25 now and had decided to stop touring and just be with their families from now on. 

"Right, think you can help Mummy decided what to wear?"

"Yes Mummy!" he smiled

"Lets go." I grinned picking him up and heading up the stairs into Niall and I's large room.

"This Mummy." he grinned throwing me pieces of clothes.

I chuckled eventually pulling on brown jeans and a denim sleeveless shirt. I pulled a beanie onto the back of my head and added bracelets and a necklace then pulled on along with white converse ( In External Link)

"Lets get you looking perfect." I coo-ed 

"I am perfect." he smiled reciting what Niall told him to say

I chuckled as I dressed him in a plaid shirt, baby chino's and baby Supra's. Yes Niall and I spoiled him slightly, but he was worth it.

My phone started ringing as we were brushing our teeth.

"Houbfnlw?" I mumbled through a mouthful of toothpaste

"Lily, you okay?" Danielle asked

I spat out the toothpaste before answering "Yeah."

"Okay, we're outside." 

"Okaydoke be out in a second." I smiled hanging up

"Come on Ollie, lets go get Daddy!" I smiled as he cheered.

I picked him up and ran out of our home and into Danielle's car, strapping Ollie into a car seat in the back next to Alexander.

"Mummy! We forgot Joe!" Ollie sceamed

I rolled my eyes and ran back into the house, hearing Danielle chuckle behind me

Joe was Ollie's giraffe teddy. Niall gave him it when he was born and it's never left his side. I picked it up and ran back into the car passing it to Ollie.

"Thank you Mummy."

"No problem babe." I smiled clipping my seat belt in as Danielle drove to the airport.

As we jumped out there was some fans outside and some paparazzi. The fans weren't as crazy as they used to be.

"Hi!" the all smiled coo-ing over the boys.

"Do you know if Eleanor, Perrie and Jennifer are here yet?" I asked one girl

"Yeah, they got here about five minutes ago." she smiled

"Thanks love." I grinned and headed into the airport

Spotting Eleanor running after the twins, eventually managing to get them to stay still as we heard that the boys flight had landed.

I ran up behind Jennifer and jumped on her.

"Jesus, Lily." she gasped holding her heart

"How you can look after a kid I don't know, your still a kid yourself." El joked

I stuck my tongue out at her as we heard the boys come off the plane.

I lifted Ollie onto my hip as he looked around for his Daddy.

Liam was out first and Alexander ran up to him, then Harry out next ho hugged Jennifer tightly. Then Zayn came out and kissed Perrie being careful with her baby bump, Louis came out next and pulled the twins into his arms and kissed Eleanor.

Finally Niall came out.

"DADDY!" Ollie yelled as Niall ran up to his, crushing us into a hug.

Niall kissed me as Ollie hugged his legs.

"Hey hey hows my favourite boy?" Niall asked picking him up

"Perfect." Ollie smiled trying to wink, again Niall showed him this

We laughed at him fondly as he kept trying to wink.

"How was your last tour?" I asked

"Emotional." he admitted the cracked a grin "But I'm back!"

I smiled hugging him.

"I've got a suprise." I whispered in his ear

"Tell me!" he wined pouting

"We need to decorate one of the spare rooms." I sighed

"Oh why? What did Ollie throw at the walls?" he groaned trying to give Ollie a stern look but ended up grinning and ruffling his hair

"Nothing, we have to make it fit for a baby." I whispered

Niall looked at me wide-eyed

I nodded smiling "I'm pregnant Niall!"

He grinned hugging me again, kissing me this time.

"Whats going on?" Ollie asked

"Your going to be a big brother." Niall smiled poking his cheek

The boys smiled, the ran away from us to play with the other kids.

Life was perfect.

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