I ran out of the bus before anyone else and up into our hotel room.

Right I had a shower this morning so I just need to do my hair, makeup and get changed. Simple

"Talking to yourself?" Sherl asked walking in

Did I say that out loud? Wow.

I smiled sheepishly.

"So what one do you fancy?" Alex asked walking in

"What?" I asked trying too play it cool

She slapped my arm playfully "You know what I'm talking about. You on fucking first name terms  with One Direction!"

"Well I haven't met Zayn yet." I joked which earned me a slap to the face "Charming"

"Sorry haha, but come on spill!" she yelled

I pretended to lock my lips then I ran into the bathroom pulling on my clothes. I walked back out as Sherl went in. I left my shoes by the door and went to do my hair. I got the straighteners out and started on my hair. After half an hour it was done. I had 20 minutes to do my makeup and get down stairs, no problem.

I applied light foundation, eyeliner, mascara and  little lipgloss. Then threw emergency makeup, phone, money and a bottle of water into a bag then slung it over my shoulder.

"Ready guys?" I shouted they both walked out looking stunning.

"You both look beautiful!" I gushed

>>>>Alex had long blonde hair, angel face and blue eyes, he always looked gorgeous. But tonight she had applied smokey make-up which brought out her eyes and was wearing a navy blue lace dress with nude heels.

Sherl had red hair, and i mean red she had died it and it suited her dark eyes and slim face beautifully. She had light makeup on and a white top with, light brown fitted shorts, white wedges and a thin grey cardigan.

"Lets go!" I smiled slipping my shoes on.

We skipped out of our room and down into the main lobby where most people were, but we weren't the last this time.

Harry and Josh came up  to us

"You look beautiful." they both grinned

"You both look quite good yourselves." Alex joked

They did  Harry had on chino's, a blue shirt and all stars. Josh had a white shirt with dark jeans and blue converse on.

"Picture time!" I yelled.

I always took pictures because I never wanted to forget moments like this, when everyone was happy together.

I gave my phone to someone and they took a picture of us when Kerry and Kirsty joined us.

Kerry had a pink and black mixi dress on and Kirsty was wearing pink jeans with a top with a cross on it and a smart cardigan.

I uploaded it on twitter

@LilySelley: Time for Warhorse couldn't be more excited! (sarcasm intended)

We headed out to the bus again and sat for the 30 minute drive to central London where the show was. Eventually we got there and we all jumped out as we got out tickets and made our way inside.

We slid into our seats and talked to each other for a while when the lights dimmed and the play started. It was really warm in the theatre so I tried to slip my jacket off without disturbing anyone watching the show.

"Striptease!" someone behind me whispered

I turned round to see Louis grinning at me.

I smiled and shook my head at him. I turned back round to watch the play, at the interval I jumped up and ran to the toilet ignor my teacher telling me to sit down and wait for a minute. Did she want me to pee myself?

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