Once I got in I jumped in a quick shower, dryed my hair and let it fall in soft waves down my back.

I slipped into shorts and a tight denim top thing, no idea what you call it and my nude wedges with little blue bits though it.

I applied light make-up. My bruises were gone now woo! Then skipped down into the living room where everyone was waiting on me.  The boys looked very cute in their chinos and t-shirts. And the girls looked gorgeous as ever.

All of the boys looked up and down my body and opened their mouths to say something but Harry was first

"Are you sure you want to wear that?"

"Yeah, why? Does it not suit me?"

"No you look beautiful it's just that..."

"Just what Harry?"

"I dont think these guys are good guys."

"We're just friends and Harry I can handle myself promise. I'm a big girl now."

"Lily, I need to talk to you in the kitchen." he said and walked into our kitchen.

I followed him.

"Lily, I don't want what happened with Jason to happen again thats all." he sighed

I tenesed at the name, I had been having nightmares about him ever since.

I nodded and ran up the stairs then pulled on a white blazer and tights, then walked back down

"Still as beautiful." Harry whispered kissing my forehead

I smiled as we all heading out into awaiting taxi's and towards the address.

I phoned Robin when we were in the taxi, telling him we were nearly there.

After what Harry said I had a bad feeling about tonight.

"Harry?" I whispered 


"Can one of you stay around me tonight, please?"

"Course, we'll all stick together." he said hugging me

As the taxi drew closer to the  house we heard the music spilling out onto the street and several people littered on their front garden, passed out or making out.

We all got out our separate taxi's and went in.

"Lily, you made it!" Robin said coming up and hugging me "You look amazing!"


"No problem, drinks are in the kitchen."he said and walked away

We all headed into the large kitchen and poured drinks.

I was talking to Niall when a girl came up to him.

"Oh my gosh, your Niall Horan!" she yelled

"Yeah thats me." he smiled moving slightly closer to me.

"I think your music is amazing..." she said biting her lip and twisting a strand of her long bleached blonde hair around her finger.

Niall rolled his eyes, he hated it when girls acted dumb.

"Want to dance?" she asked fluttering her eyelashes, fake may I add.

"No thanks." Niall said and turned round to talk to me again.

The girl stomped off and we burst out laughing

"What happened with you and Demi?" I asked him sipping my drink

"It never really started, shes fit and that but not a nice person. Not really got any personality." he shrugged

-The next morning-

Okay I'll admit we all drunk to much. At-least nothing bad happened, or that I remember, but I did wake up sleeping on Liam's lap.

I pulled on joggers and a jumper then went on my laptop to check the emails.

I had one from the Dance Camp.

To Lily Selley,  Lily first this is a email of congratulations. Well done for getting into the next stage, but also to let you know about some critical changes. From now on everything is going to be getting filmed. One day this week there will be a camera crew filming you getting ready to leave for the dance camp and in the house you will be filmed there too. And instead of it being a summer camp we're going to make it stages, every week you'll learn a new dance and there will be a live show on which you have to perform. Then the public will vote on who they want to stay onto the next week, the winner will then win a dance contract for five years worth £100,000. Thank you and good luck.

Brooklyn Dance Company.

I sighed just as there was a knock at the door, I ran down to find that Harry had opened it.

"Lily, its the filmer for your dance thing!" he shouted as I skipped down the stairs.

"Hey." I smiled

"Hiya, Lily. We're here to film your day, what you do and how your getting ready to the competition. I'm Amanda." the woman said

"Well Amanda, I actually just got the email and to be honest I don't think we'll be doing alot today, but I do need to practise you you could film that?"

"We're not just filming your dancing side of life, but everything. So the viewers get to know you a bit more." 

"Oh okay, come in and set up or whatever then, I'm going to get dressed."


I ran into every room that the boys were in, as the girls and Harry and Josh had went home last night. I told them that there was camera crews here and they all started to get ready. 

This shall be fun. I smiled to myself

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