"My bed!" I shouted running into our hotel room. I ran into the nicest room and picked the biggest bed and put all my bags on it.

Alex and Sherl groaned but we agreed who ever got in first got the best bed. We were on a trip to London with the Enlish department of our school back up in Scotland. After a 10 hour drive we were all really tired but had to get ready to go to London dungeons. Yeah our school was pretty cool and this trip wasn't all educational.

I had a quick shower, blow dried and straightened my usually curly hair. A lot of people joked that me and Harry Styles could be related. I admit we did kind of look the same but hot could I be related to someone famous, doubt it. Me and my friends loved One Direction and talked about them all of them time. We had never met them or been to one of their concerts but we still loved them.

I slipped on my skinny deep blue jeans with sky blue a floaty patterned top. I tucked it into my jeans and slipped on a pair of white TOMS. I Applied some mascara and hair sprayed my hair into place.

When I skipped out into the main bit of our hotel room the girls were sitting waiting on me with Harry, Josh, Kerry and Kirsty.

"Never heard yous come in, hey guys" I said with a smile. We were all so close I loved it. Harry and Kirsty were sitting on the sofa with Josh lying on top of them, Alex was slipping her shoes on and Kerry and Sherl were talking and laughing about something. "Ready to go guys?" I asked

"Yeah!" Josh shouted jumping up and kneeing Harry in between the legs

"Owww ya wee poof" He groaned

Yeah well my friends we close but we called each other names all of the time I hated them calling each other gay and being homaphobic they new this and as soon as Harry said that he looked at me and said sorry.

"Its okay" I said and helped him up. I put his arm over my shoulder and helped him walk with all of the gang behind us laughing.

When we got downstairs into the lobby of the hotel the teachers and other students were waiting on us.

"Sorry!" We all said loudly at the same time.

Our teacher groaned and shook her Head at us as we jumped on the bus and ran up to the back which had seven seats, so was perfect for us. This was our first day in London so the bus took us on a tour first and we took loads of stupid pictures. When we got to London Dungeons it was about 6 and we were all excited. When we got out of the bus we wrapped our arms round each others waists and shoulders. I was inbetween Harry with his arm around my sholders and Josh's arm around my waist.

When we walked out of the dungeons we were all laughing at each other for being scared as we headed off for our dinner. When we got back to the hotel we all put our Jammie's on and ll of the gang met in our room. We weren'tment to go into each others room but we made sure the teachers were in their rooms first before they slipped in.

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