"Boys!" I yelled running into their open arms

"Told you I had a surprise." Harry winked

I smiled

"You were great, we were watching you from the front row." Liam praised hugging me

"Yeah, your bloody fantastic love!" Louis agreed hugging me

I saw the assistant glare at me whilst trying to get the boys attention but they just brushed her off talking to me and the other contestants as I introduced them all.

"You have to go on stage now!" the assistant woman growled

"Whoa, how tugged on her extensions?" Niall whispered in my ear.

I burst out laughing as they walked onto the stage to a huge cheer.

"How do you know them?" Dina asked me

"Harry's my cousin." I shrugged sitting back down listening to the boys performance.




"Whens your birthday Lils?"  Mick asked 


"I'm writing them all down, to see if there's any while we'e all together."

"Aww, it's the 14th of July. Two weeks away." 

"Ohhhh, your the big 18."


He wrote down my birthday, then asked everyone else. It turns out they're birthdays had either been or was in like December, there was only 12 weeks of the dance show so it wouldn't matter.

I was the only birthday that was soon.

The boys ran off the stage sweaty and out of breath.

The threw me a quick smile before downing a bottle of water each.

"Contestants to the main stage entrance!" someone shouted and we all stood behind the sliding doors that opened onto the stage.

All of us held hands as the doors opened and we stepped out. Everyone cheered as we walked to the middle of the large stage where Ant&Dec were.

They were the guys who announced everything, I discovered.

"Right, all of you tried your best but its up to the public to decide who stays and who goes." Ant said

You could sense everyone in the line hold their breathe.

"First through into next week is...." Dec started

You know how when you watch a show like this and the person announces it breaks for a bit and it looks like an effect and isn't really that long? It is that long.

"Ed Macey!" he finished 

Ed started jumping about, everyone cheered and hugged him. He ran off the stage as our line grew shorter

"Next through is.....Dina McConnel!" 

We all hugged her and she ran off the stage where she hugged Ed.

"Joining them next week is....Lily Selley!"

I think my heart litterely stopped.

Everyone pulled me into a hug and cheered.

I was pushed off stage where I joined Ed and Dina.

"Well done!" we all shouted at the same time hugging

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