Harry's POV

Zayn, Niall and myself were waiting on Lily to get ready for the club.

Eventually she walked out of the room she was sharing with the girls.

She was wearing a peachy blouse with black sparkly short shorts and bright heels>>>

I looked round and saw Niall staring at her body, I smacked him over the back of the head.

Her hair was in neat curls and had on natural make-up with gold-y eyes.

Danielle and Eleanor looked on at her proudly, they must have helped her get ready.

"Guys before you go, pre-drinks!" Louis said running out with a tray of shots.

We all laughed but lifted up the small shot glass that was filled with bright blue liquid.

"Lets get a picture of the four of you!" Eleanor smiled

Zayn and Niall stood at either side of Lily with their arms around her waist, I was at Niall's side. We all smiled as the photo was took then downed our shot.

"Louis what was in that?" Lily asked coughing

Louis tapped his nose in a secret way then herded us out of the house.

We all laughed and headed for the elevator.

"So where are we going then?" Lily asked

"Just a club about ten minutes walk away." Zayn smiled as we walked out of the elevator and into the cool night.

As soon as we stepped out of the hotel paparazzi were there snapping photos of us. Lily lifted her hand up to shield her eyes but ended up not looking where she was going and stumbling in her shoes.

Quickly Niall caught her and helped her regain her balance. They linked arms as we walked the rest of the way to the large club.

I pulled Niall to the side as Lily and Zayn were getting ID'd.

"Nialler if your going to ask her tonight, make sure shes not to drunk. And shes my cousin, hurt her you wont be able to have kids okay?"

Niall nodded as we headed into the club. We were shown into the VIP booth.

"Right I'll got get drinks what you guys wanting?" Lily asked standing up

"I'll come with you." Niall offered smiling she nodded.

"Right I'll just get us all a beer and a shot yeah?" she offered

We all agreed and they headed off to the bar.

Lily's POV

Niall and I shoved our way through the crowds and finally reached the bar. Niall stood behind my with one hand resting on the bar and the other on my hip.

"What can I get you?" the guys behind the bar asked

"Four beers and four shots please."

"No problem."

Niall and I started a conversation while we waited on our drinks until some girl butted in.

"Your Niall Horan right?" she shouted above the music.

Niall nodded brushing her off then looked back at me, I raised my eyebrows and we continued our conversation.

She sighed but then tried to get his attention again.

"Do you want a drink?" she asked

"No thanks, we're just waiting on some." he said.

The girl threw me a glare just as the barman handed my our tray of drinks.

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