As we joked about and finished our drinks I felt two hands cover my eyes from behind.

"Guess who?" an Irish accent said

"Santa?" I guessed laughing

"Close." Niall chuckled "I do bring presents though."

"What?" I asked turning to face him

"Well not a present but yeah..." he said handing me a Jack Wills bag "You left it outside the shop earlier"

I looked agt my feet and sure enough it was mine

"I'm such an idiot!" I laughed "Thank you Niall." I smiled kissing his cheek lightly

"No problem."he grinned "See you tonight Lily."

"See you Niall." I said as we left the restaurant.

"Look at Lily, talking to famous boys!" Josh said in a high pitched tone laughing

I hut him with my Jack Wills bag, laughing. "What shop now?" I asked changing the subject

"Topman!" "Topshop!" Harry and Sherl shouted at the same time

"Lets go!" Kerry cheered as we walked in searching the rails.

I got some black skinnys, a white blouse with a zip up the back, acid wash jeans, a denim shirt, fitted shorts, pale pink blazer, a knitted jumper and two beanies.

I paid and told everyone that I was jumping into Schuh. I strolled in and searched the racks of shoes finally picking up new white converse, red vans and black T-bar wedges.

Finally paying for them I went to wait outside for the rest of them when my Topshop bag slipped out of my hands and the contents went everywhere.

"Shit." I mumbled quickly putting everything in the bag

"Are you okay?" a male voice asked my, bending down and helping me put stuff back in my bags.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm just clumsy." I shrugged standing up straight

"No problem, I'm Liam." he extended his hand

I shook my head "You know I think every girl dreams about meeting yous and I've met four of you in one day, two of you knocked me over, one crushed me in a hug. Got to say, we've met in the best way." I laughed shaking his hand

"Oh, so your Lily." he smiled

"Yep, take it I'm being talked about. Harry didn't seem to happy he's going to a show tonight." I laughed

"He acctualy is, and it's not your fault we're going. It's Louis." he chuckled

"That boys mad!" I smiled

"Yeah, I'll see you later love. Got to go the now." the boy smiled and walked away waving

I grinned just as Harry,Josh, Kirsty, Kerry, Alex and Sherl walked out of Topshop.

"What time is it?" Harry asked

"Four." I replied

"Four? Lily the bus leave in 15 minutes I we dont know our way out of here!" Josh shouted

"Oh God, lets go a run guys." I said and we started running in a random direction. This shopping centre was huge and we didnt know our way around. Finally we saw everyone else form our class we ran up out of breath.

"Just in time." our teacher said checking his watch as we all headed out to the bus, we were all breathing heavily and red-faced after running full pelt for ten minutes. This was the time we were all glad that we work out.

We fell into our seats and flicked the air conditioning on.

"Right guys you've got 1 hour when we get back to the hotel to get ready for tonight, dress nice." one of our teachers said as the bus set off.

"What you wearing?" Alex asked me.

"My new black skinnys, the white blouse and pink blazer. With the black wedges." I replied biting my lip

"That'll be lovely." she reassured me

I grinned and mentally planned how I would do my hair and make-up.

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