I ran into my room pulling on pink skinnys and an over sized grey jumper, it was raining today boo :(.

I ran the straighteners through my hair so it was sitting perfectly straight and sweeped a little bit of mascara on. Then slid into my purple converse and skipped down the stairs to where cameras where set up everywhere.

"Lily, we're going to ask you a few questions so everyone get to know you better, just come over here for a bit please."  Amanda said

"No problem." I smiled skipping over to the stool that was sitting in front of a white background with the dance logo on.

"Right, just say your name, age and why you started dancing, looking down through the camera lens." she instructed


"Right, action!"

"Hey, guys." I waved slightly "I'm Lily Selley, I'm 17 and I'm from Scotland!"

Amanda nodded at me as if to say 'go on'.

I took a deep breathe, no one actually knew why I started dancing, well I think my Mum might.

"I started dancing about four years ago. I started because in my first to years of high school I was bullied. I was over-weight, didn't really look after myself or make myself presentable in the morning, I was one of the 'extremely smart ones'. So I got picked on for it, which basically made me have no confidence and no friends, because I wouldn'y have the courage to talk to anyone." I started

"But one day someone said something horrible to me, I cant even remember what it was,but I snapped. I took all my bottled up anger out on them and no one ever said anything horrible or nasty to my again. This gave me confidence, so I started a dance class to make new friends.That's when I really discovered my passion for dance." by this point a tear slipped out of my eye remembering all of the things that were said to me

"So I danced every night, and in school too. I picked dancing to do, so by now I had my own group of friends, that I still have to this day. Thanks to my dancing I lost all of the exses weight and started looking after myself more. I started washing myface properly, makeing sure my teeth were always brushed, I was always trying to look my best. I got a new wardrobe and felt alot better about myself, which brought my confidence up again and I made more friends." I smiled

"By this time I had been dancing for about a year when my P.E teacher came up to me and asked me if I can run, because dancers are light footed most of them are great runners. So I gave it a try and got into the cross-country team which I had to train for two nights a week. So by now I was dancing three nights a week, running two and the other two I would go out with my friends. After half a year of training it was the cross country competition which I won! So by now I was close friends, after spending time with all of the 'jocks'. So I got asked to join the cheer leading team." I grinned remembering how I felt when I got asked to join them.

"Which practised during lunch times, so it didn't interfere with my dancing or running. By this time it was about half a year ago and I got a job. I work at Nando's and Carls Cafe. So I started running in the morning, every morning as I didnt have time to do the training with the team at school after school. I work at Carl's two nights a week and Nando's at the weekend. So by now I had a pretty packed schedule, along with homework and exams. Then I got told about this competition, I trained extra hard and here I am!" I smiled finishing my story

"And cut." Amanda said

I smiled at her.

"Right, that's all for today just do what you would be doing normally we've got cameras in every room." she said

"Okay, well I'm just going to get some lunch. Do yous want anything?" I asked Amanda and the three other people with her.

They all looked at me with shocked expressions.

"Did I say something wrong?" I asked

"No, it's just we never normally get offered anything when we've been filming at all of the other houses, we're seen as an inconvenience." Amanda said

"We'll your seen as friends here, everyone is." I smiled

They all grinned at me.

"I'll go find something to make. Yous can just watch TV if you want, DVDS are over there." I said showing them where things were in my living room.

I skipped into the kitchen where all of the boys were sitting, drinking coffee or tea.

"Lets make lunch guys."

"Woo, what we making?"

"No idea, Niall. Are we cooking for them too Lily?"

"Yeah Haz, so that's what? Lunch for ten."

"Yeah, lets do this."

"Massive fry up?"

"Good idea Zayn."

"Thanks Lou."

"No problem, and pancakes!"


"Right Louis, get the sausages ready, Harry bacon, Niall eggs, Liam toast, Zayn do the mushrooms and onions. I'll do the pancakes." I said and everyone set to work and as I plugged my iPhone into its dock and let the music float around the room as we danced and done our jobs.

I started making the pankcake batter as the boys started cooking.

I started to fry them as most of the boys were putting their cooked food onto plates. I started flipping them then set them to the side to cool for after our fry-up.

I poured glasses of orange juice and the boys set out ten plates piled with food on the large dining table.

I walked back into the living room.

"Amanda, guys, lunch is ready." I said as they followed me into the dining room, where I saw a camera set up in the corner.

We all started eating and fell into easy conversation.

Amanda's assistants were called Jade, Jordan and Georgie. Jade and George turned out to be One Direction fans but calmed down after a while and talked to the boys normally.

"I'll go get the pancakes." I smiled and got up and headed for the kitchen

I got the largest plates and piled all of the pancakes on it, there must have been about forty there, then took through syrup and different sauces along with ten small plates for everyone.

We all grabbed four pancakes each, poured our sauces on and started eating again.

By this time it was about two in the afternoon and it was still raining. On an other email it told me I didn't have to make my own dance up for the first day. So I just went up to the gym and down my usual five miles, some muscle toning exercises and a little bit of yoga.

I walked back down the stairs to see all of the boys sitting around the living room, Niall had my guitar in his hands playing a small tune as the boys sung along. I smiled and sat down on the sofa next to Zayn as Niall handed my my guitar and I played something as we all sang along.

We had been doing this for a few days now, just having small music sessions. They boys were trying to write a new song, so I was trying to help a bit byt giving them bits of tune that was in my head that I had made up and they added words to it. By this point we had half a song.

The cameras and Amanda, Jade, Jordan and Georgie had left by now.

"I suggest movie night" Liam said after a while.

"Yeah, but at the cinema." I added and everyone nodded

"Whats on?" Louis asked

"We could go and see Ted?" Harry suggested

We all agreed "Cool, I'm going to get ready then."

We all ran up the stairs and broke off into different rooms to go for showers.

Woo cinema night! I hadn't been to the cinema since I got kicked out. Oops I hope they dont recognise me. 

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