I woke up crazy early and pulled on leggings and a over-sized grey tee with a peace sign in the middle. Pulled my converse on and brushed my hair into a high pony.

I grabbed my bag, threw in my phone, money and other essentials then headed out of the hotel to catch a taxi.

After half an hour I arrived at the place we were shooting for Pixie Lotts music video.

(I know this is one of Pixie's older songs, but the video's good for it :D! )

We were filming for her song Boys and Girls. I had worked with Pixie before when she was performin live of Dancing on ice, shes really talented and a sweet person.

I walked in, getting a bottle of water from a vending machine. Then found my way to hair and make-up. they fixed my hair into a loose pony and done my make-up.

I then went into wardrobe and got handed and grey tee, shorts and grey knee high socks along with white trainers. Then I got a denim jacket handed to me.

I pulled them on then walked into to where the video was getting shot.

"Lily!" Pixie exclaimed coming up and hugging me

"Morning!" I smiled hugging her.

The video was to be like a party. Pixie, myself and three other dancers danced at bits and that. Then we just had to act like it was one big party. There was also male dancers who danced with Pixie and things. It looked like it was going to turn out a good video! >>>

After about 5 hours all of my parts were done and told I could go home. It was only 11 so I decided to stay for a bit and watch the rest of the video getting done.

Just as I was about to leave the producer came up to me.

"Lily, right?"

"That's me."

"Great, hi. Pixie's doing a live show tomorrow night would you be willing to dance with her? You'll need to practise all day tomorrow though."

"No of course I'll do it!" I smiled

"Really? Thanks for doing at such short notice, I think they're willing to pay you extra for learning it so quickly." 

"I don't mind really, see you tomorrow morning then." I smiled heading out as he handed me a letter with the details.

I grabbed my bag, saying goodbye to everyone and headed out into the warm sun shine, deciding to walk back to the hotel.

When I got in, everyone was out. So I went for a long shower, came out and dried my hair and looked out for clothes to wear to the concert tonight.

I finally decided on a white blouse along with pink-ish shorts with crosses on them and sandals. I set them out along with a bracelet. I laid them all out on my bed then walked into the kitchen to get myself some lunch.>>>> (without scarf)

I was sitting at the table eating a sandwhich when my phone buzzed.

'How was the video shooting? :) Zayn says he wont be back in time but were sending a car at seven so he'll meet you there xxxxxxx' Nialler

'It was great thanks :) okaydokey have a good day! xxxxxxxx' Lilybear

I finished my lunch so by know it was about half one. I had about four hours to do something then half an hour to get ready.

I decided to go out a walk and see the sights. I pulled on a pale pink play-suit and converse. I added accessories, let my hair fall down my back in loose, soft waves. Sprayed myself in perfume, grabbed a bag threw in essentials and headed out the door.

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