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After telling him whats been happening with the boys he started at me wide-eyed.

"You've always been the lucky one!" he chuckled 

I shook my head smiling as a guide was calling out names, our names were called.

I grabbed the folder and my bag walking over to the middle aged woman.

"Right guys, I'm Melonie, call me Mel. I'll be showing you around today!"

We all nodded and followed her around all the buildings which took a few hours.

I wasn't starting fully until next week, just getting used to everything and dropping into classes.

When we were on the last few minutes of the tour I got a text.

Hey beautiful, hows your first day of college? xxxxx -Nialler

Hey handsome great yeah thanks:) xxxxx -Lilybear

When do you need a lift home?xxxxx -Nialler

Soon-ish, I'll phone you xxxx -Lilybear

"Lily? Care to share with us who it's so important to text while getting this tour?" Mel asked


"Umm, my friend." I lied

"Well, phone off and away!" she said glaring at me

Jesus, whats in Mel's pants?

Paul started pulling faces at me trying to get me to laugh.

I chuckled and Mel shot me another glare.

"Right, you can all go home now."

"Thank the Lord and Baby Jesus,I don't think I could stand another ten minutes without her killing me." I whispered to Paul as we walked out into the fresh air.

He laughed at me as we sat on the dry grass, catching up.

"So you moved to London, but decided to come back up here, when there are plenty of better colleges down there?" I asked

He shrugged looking up at the sun "Missed it up here, missed the accent, the weather and my old friends." 

"Come on dont lie! You mean you missed me!" I joked poking his cheek.

"Aye, thats it." he chuckled 

"I gotta phone Niall to come pick me up." 

"Ohhhh, Niall!" he said in a girl tone

"Shut up." I pouted turning red

"Lily loves Niall, Lily loves Niall." he repeated in a sing song voice

"Your such a child!" I yelled laughing

We were sitting on the grass laughing when a girl sat down a bit down from us, looking upset and rubbing her eyes.

Paul and I shuffled down so we were either side of her.

"Are you okay?" I asked her

"Yeah, just some idiots." She sniffed wiping her eyes.

"What did they say about you?" Paul asked 

"Nothing, just..... my hair." she sighed pulling her hood tighter around her head

"I'm sure its beautiful." I smiled

"No it's really not, I died it and it went bad. I miss my blond hair, look!" she said showing me a picture of herself on her phone with long blond curly locks.

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