My brow furrowed in confusion as I lifted the large envelope out and sat on my bed cross-legged opening the envelope.

I looked inside to find letters. I pulled them all out and spread them out across the bed.

I started reading them all and noticed they were looking for dancers, not just any dancers but they wanted me! It was to perform along side huge stars such as Pixie Lott, Jessie J, LMFAO, Tiao Cruz and JLS. Some were for music videos and others for live shows.

They all had dates for audititions, I put them in a pile from the most recennt audition to the furthest away, my first was for JLS live on the x-factor and the audition was tommorow.

I opened the next envelope to reveal a plane ticket, it was an open ticket to any airport in America. I shook my head, knowing Harry would have bought it for me.

The next envelope had my name in the front with Niall's handwriting.

I started opening it when my phone went.

"Lily have you opened the envelope yet?" Harry yelled down the phone

"Well hello to you to, yeah I have. Thanks Harold." 

"DON'T open the letter from Niall!" he shouted


"Promise me you wont, he said to bring it out when you come over."

"Promise." I huffed

"See you soon."

"See you soon Harry."

I pouted but put the envelope into my bag so I wouldn't lose it, then piled my dance auditions neatly and put my plane ticket in a safe place.

I walked out into the halls of the hotel to find Lottie sitting on the ground on her phone a frown on her features.

I slid down next to he and her head snapped up.

"You all right?" I asked her

She nodded slowly.

"If you want to talk about anything, you know I'm here right?"

"I know Lily, thanks. But I don't want to talk about it the now."

"No problem, hows the week with your sisters constantly been?"

"Uhhh, nightmare."

"How bout we go shopping, get you away from it all? I've got some birthday money left."

Her eyes light up and she jumped to her feet, running into her room coming out seconds later with a bag, shouting goodbye to her Mum.

I laughed at her excitement, slung my arm over her shoulder as we walked out of the hotel and down the street, heading for Westfield.

"You know this is where I met the boys." I smiled as we stepped into the shopping centre


"Yep that was a mad day."

"Bet it was, meeting those five"

"Who's your favourite?" I asked raising my eyebrows

"Wha..what do you mean?" she stuttered a blush raising onto her cheeks.

"Come on, you can tell me!" I laughed, she giggled as we headed into a shop.

"You know I love how close we've gotten, nearly everybody talks to me like a kid you don't. You talk to me like I'm your friend." she smiled

"Aw thanks, you are my friend. And dont change the subject!" I laughed as we looked through rails of clothes

"Honestly? Liam I think, hes so sweet and caring but funny too. But I wouldn't like date him." she rushed out

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