"Oh my God." I said

Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the theatre hall to where I bought the drinks earlier.

"Phone your Dad." he told me

I nodded and pulled my iPhone out, searching my contacts then putting the phone to my ear.

"Hi, I know your probably working sorry." I started

"No it's fine Lily, I'm on a break just now. What is it love?" he asked

"Um, I met your nephew today. My cousin. Harry Styles." I said biting my lip Harry was looking at me, analysing my face for traces of emotion

He sighed heavily on the other side of the phone "I wanted to tell you but didn't know when would be the right time. I'm so sorry."

"Honestly it's fine." I grinned nodding at Harry as if to confirm we were cousins

"Great, I'm glad you were okay with it, enjoy your time in London! Bye honey!" he said and hung up.

I jumped into Harrys arms and we hugged each other

"I'm cousins with Harry Styles!" I exclaimed

"Yep, just to warn you I might get over protective" he joked

I smiled as we headed back into the theatre, we still had about ten minutes before the play started.

I pulled out my phone and went onto twitter

@Harry_Styles:Look at this gorgeous girl, we look alike huh? She's my cousin go follow her @LilySelley x

Withing seconds I had thousands of new followers.



"Yeah, Louis?"

"This play is rubbish."

"I did say it would be haha. How was your concert?"

"Yeah good, it was only a short one. Hey heard your Harry's cousin, what does that feel like?"

"It doesnt feel any different, I've just got more family than I knew about." I laughed

"Lily, heres your money babe." Zayn said handing me the money from earlier. I loved how British we all were and calling each other 'love' or 'babe' didn't mean anything.

"Thanks, you didnt need to give me it back though."

He shrugged and sat down as the lights dimmed.

I had to admit I dozed of during the end of the play my head falling onto Sherls shoulder.

"Lily, wake up. Lily before the teachers see you!" she shouted shaking my shoulders

"Shit, did I slee through all of that?" I asked looking at her

She nodded eyes wide, it amused me how much she looked like Ariana Grande >>>>

"Your so cute!" I joked pinching her cheeks

"Get off me, I hate it when your tired." she laughed

I shrugged and stood up walking along the row of seats stepping over the guy at the end who refused to move, which ended up in me tripped because of these wedges.

I closed my eyes and prepared my self for the impact of the ground to hit me, but instead I felt two strong arms wrap around me.

I opened my eyes to see Niall's worried ones looking back down at me.

"Are you okay love?" he asked helping me stand up straight

"Yeah, thank you Niall." I replied kissing his cheek again "Two times in a day you've saved me." I joked.

He smiled and we chatted walking out of the building where the rest of my class was waiting on me.

"See you later Niall." I waved walking onto the bus.

Just before the bus doors could close a curly headed boy jumped on, ran up the back ignoring all of the girls on the bus screaming at him and handed me a bit of paper.

"Can't find then loose my cousin can I? Phone me when you get back to your hotel." he smiled at me then ran off.

Every single girl on the bus glared at me then looked at the bit of paper in my hand with Harry Style's number on it before they all ran towards me.

Oh shit

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