When I pulled up in my street, someone had parked over my entrance to the garage so I had to park a few house down. 

I jumped out of the car, pulling my hood over my head, protecting me from the cool wind, locked the car and walked down the street.

As I got closer to my house I heard music, neighbours must be having a party I thought.

but as I got closer to my house I realised it was coming from there.

I saw a dark figure sitting on my doorstep, guitar in hand singing wonderwall and looked upset.

My head tilted in confusion, but I didnt want to let a random person knew that was my house, so from where I was standing I shouted across.

"Are...um... Are you okay?"

The music stopped and the figure looked up at me and stood up, sitting their guitar down.

I held on tightly to my phone in case I needed to phone for help.


"Um, who are you?"

"Lily! It's me!" the figure yelled running towards me

I froze to the spot as they came closer. That when i realised who it was.

"Niall!" I yelled running into his arms

"Lily." he said calmly as I buried my head into his shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" I asked pushing him away

"Nice to see you to." he chuckled

"No, you promised me you wouldn't risk your job for me Niall!"

"I haven't, management agreed to let me have a week off early."


"You and your promises." he muttered poking my cheek "Promise."

I smiled up at him.

"I've been waiting out here for ages." he chuckled

Niall's POV

I gave the taxi driver Lily's address, leaving the boys.

When I got there I paid the driver, slinging my guitar over my shoulder and going up to her door.

The living room light was on and so was the T.V so she must be in.

I knocked on the door. 


I knocked louder, and shouted her name through the letter box.

I sighed slumping down at her door, why was she ignoring me? I threw my head back leaning it against the door, hugging my guitar.

I started strumming a few chords then sang through Wonderwall.

I heard a car pull up and someone slam a door then walk down the street. At first I thought the boys had found out where I was, but it was only one persons feet hitting the ground.

I looked up and saw a dark outline fo someone standing a bit away from me looking at me with their head tilted to the side.

"Are...um...Are you okay?" they asked

I stopped singing and put my guitar down.

"Lily?" I asked

"Um, who are you?" she asked, definitely her. I got up and ran towards her

"Lily! It's me!" I yelled pulling her into a hug, she froze but then realised who I was and hugged me back

 Lilys POV

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