I woke up to someones alarm going.

It kept going for a few minutes no body budged to get it.

"If the person whos phone that is doesn't turn the alarm off the phone if getting thrown out the window. Just to remind you, were on the tenth floor." I yelled

Harry grinned at me cheekily before switching his alarm off.

I looked at him confused. Wow I thought this was all a dream, meeting the boys. Wait a minute does that mean...

I jumped up and ran to a mirror. Yep, none of this was a dream. My face was a mess.

I burst into tears again as Harry ran in behind me. He pulled my into his chest and hugged me for a few minutes until the tears stopped.

"Go get ready, your class has a free day so I'm taking you out to see London!" he said smiling at letting me go get changed. I pulled on a my new denim shirt and black leggings with the white allstars I bought the other day. I took my hair out of the high bun it was in and let the dry curls cascade down my back.

"Told you my hair was naturally curly." I grinned.

I pulled it into a fish-tale pleat, then grabbed my Pink River Island bag, threw in my phone, earphones, money, phone and my brush.

I sighed and sat down in front of the mirror. I applied pressed power trying to hide my bruised face which was luckily no longer swollen, then a layer of mascara before spraying myself with perfume.

"Ready." I announced I wrote a quick note to the girls as they were still asleep

I took a spare room key and shoved it in my bag.

"See as your my cousin. What was all the Caroline Flack buisness about?" I asked

His jaw clenched "As you are new to the group, I will let this one time slide but the number one rule is you never mention her around me."

"Jeez sorry Styles." I laughed he smiled down at meas we skipped out into the summer sun.

"When did the boys leave last night?" I asked

"Not long afer you feel asleep." he answered

"Okay so what are we doing today?" I asked

"Dont worry I've got things planned." he grinned slinging his arm over my shoulder.

"Do you like milkshakes?" he asked

"Yeah, I love them!" I answered

"Well that brings us to our first stop, Milkshake City." he smiled holding the door open for me

"Harry, what can I get you?" they guy behind the counter said

"Two One Direction milkshakes please Bill." Harry answered

"Coming right up, is this the new girlfriend?" Bill asked noticing Harry and I's closeness

"No!" we both shouted at the same time springing apart.

"We're cousins!" We both said at the same time again.

"All right all right. Here's your milkshakes have a good day." he said handing us a milkshake each, we thanked him and walked out of the store.

"Okay are you scared of heights?" Harry asked as we walked along the streets of London

"Nope." I answered sipping my drink.

"Great, next stop. London Eye." he laughed at my expression.

"Woo!" I cheered as we waiting in the line.

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