After my quick shower I had my hair done and was looking for something to wear.

I finally decided on a floral top and jean shorts along with a cute necklace and ring, then yellow Vans>>>

I fixed my make-up, the bruises had faded but were still noticeable just as the door went.

"Hey Lou!" I greeted him with a hug.

"Hey beautiful." he replied "You look really cute."

"Thanks, you look cute to." I smiled

"Come on lets go." he smiled putting his arm over my shoulders.

"So shopping?" I asked

"Yep." he grinned leading me down a short street "Right this isn't all your big shops, but they sell beautiful stuff."

"No problem." I smiled as Louis pulled my into several shops, buying me things although I protested when I got a text.

'Hiya Gorgeous, meet me after you've had lunch, got a surprise for you! xx - Niall'

'Sure, see you then :) xx - Lily'

"Oh look at they bikini's, theyre amazing!" I gushed

"Lets get you one." he laughed as we entered the small shop.

The bikini was red and had small diamonds around the outside of it, it was really cute.

"It's cute and would look great on you." he winked.

"Thanks." I laughed going to the till to pay for it when Louis brought out his credit card again.

"Louis do you really want someone checking your bill and seeing you've bought bikini's?" I asked he just shrugged and handed over his card.

"Thank you." I smiled hugging him "I've had a great time, but I need to meet Liam in 10 minutes

"Oh" he frowned "I'm going  to miss you when you go home." he said putting his hand on my hip and pulling me closer into him.

"I'll be back soon." I smiled looking into his eyes

"Promise to keep in touch?" he asked

"Promise." I smiled kissing his cheek

"See you later beautiful." he smiled as I waved and walked to where I was meeting Liam "Wait!"

"What?" I smiled turning round to see him running towards me.

"Can I get a picture with you first, to remember our day?" he asked bring his phone out.

"Course." I laughed as he wrapped his arm around my waist as I rested my head on his shoulder and he took the picture

"See ya later Lou!" I waved

I walked round the corner to the cafe where I was meeting Liam ans he was stood outside leaving against the door.

"Leeyum!" I dragged his name out.

"Lily, good to see you cutie." he smiled pulling me into his chest as we walked into the cafe.

We sat down and talked for a few hours, eating lunch and just getting to know each other better.

He was such a nice and caring guy, but also had a funny and immature side to him.

"Liam it's been great talking to you but I promised I would meet Niall in a few minutes." I said sadly

"Oh, phone me when you get home tomorrow, so I know your safe?" he asked

"Promise, see you Lee." I smiled kissing his cheek and heading out

I went and stood where Niall said he would meet me and after a minute he arrived.

"Right ready for your surprise?" he asked jumping about dragging me by the hand.

"Yeah, come on tell me what it is!" I laughed running to keep up with him

"I'm taking you on a boat, down the river!" he laughed as we sat on a boat just fitting in with all of the shopping Louis bought me.

"This is beautiful Niall." I gushed as the sun was setting

"Like you..." he began

"Don't start with your sappy stuff." I laughed

He shrugged and rested his arm around my shoulders and pulled my closer to him, I rested my head against his chest and breathed in his scent.

"By the way, your a cute blonde." he whispered into my hair which made me laugh.

"I'm going to miss you." he chuckled

"I'm only gone a while, I'm sure you can cope." I winked

"Hope I can, when we get off this Zayn wants to meet you back at our hotel." he said

"Okay, I'm so glad I got to hang out with all of you today. Your different than what everybody says about you." I smiled

"Mmmm." Niall said lost in his own thoughts just as we got off the boat.

"See you later Nialler." I grinned kissing his cheek and walking towards the boys hotel.

"Zayn, its me!" I yelled knocking on the door

"Hey!" he said opening the door and inviting me in.

"Everyone out?" I asked

"Yeah." he smiled

"So what are we doing?" I asked him

"Look, I arranged something for you." he grinned letting me sit my bags down and then dragged me into the pool room.

"Oh my God!" I burst out laughing

He had set inflatable palm trees all around the pool then lilo's in the pool and candles everywhere, then there was Hawaiian food and drink everywhere.

"It's amazing." I smiled "I'm going to get my swimming stuff on."

"Me too, I'll meet you back here." he smiled kissing my forehead

I ran into the bathroom and pulled on the new bikini Louis bought me.

I took a towel and headed back into the pool where Zayn was already in the water.

He wolf-whistled again. I rolled my eyes and jumped into the pool.

When I resurfaced I felt Zayns hands go around my waist from behind and spin me round to face him.

I smiled and pulled myself onto one of the lilo things and lay there with zayn standing at the foot of it smiling at me. I smiled at him and put my hands under my head.

"Zayn this was a really nice thing for you to..." I started

But Zayn grabbed the lilo and flipped it round so I was under water.

I gasped for air when I got to the top.

"Zayn!" I yelled

We messed around for most of the night before all of the boys came home and we got out of the pool.

I felt the boys eyes rake my body before I wrapped a towel around me.

"I'm going to get dressed." I smiled I pulled on my clothes and threw my hair into a bun, I would was it when I got home.

"Well guys I've had a great day. Thanks" I complimented

"Been great to spend it with you, we'll keep in touch yeah?" Liam asked

"Course, Harry when are you coming up to see your Aunt and Uncle?" I asked him

"I'm coming up on the bus with you tomorrow." he smiled

"Um Styles, did you not see what they girls did to me just for your number?" I asked

"I ment the tour bus, you and your friends can come on the tour bus with me on the way up." he grinned

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