I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me.

"Suprise." as Irish accent whispered in my ear.

I smiled and turned round to hug the boy.

"Right enough mushy stuff. Lily are you okay?" Louis yelled

"I'm okay, thanks to security. I'm leaving." I said continuing to throw things into my suitcase.

Clothes, phone charger, secert money stash, trinkets, photos, jewlerry, shoes, books, makeup, perfume, toiletries.

"W..What do you mean?" JB asked me.

"I need to leave here, everyone apart from me knows. I need to go to some kind of small island, where no one has twitter until everyone of the ones from that twitter page is arrested. I'm not safe here."

"We're coming." My five boys said in unison.

I smiled sadly "You dont have to boys, you've got carrers to do."

"Tough." Liam stated simply as Harry was on the phone arranging flights to somewhere.

I shrugged grabbing a hoodie, beanie, my glasses and slipping into my nice blazers.

"I'm going to miss you. Stay safe and stay in touch." Amanda said, tears brimming in her eyes.

I pulled her into a hug as we sobbed into each others shoulders. I never realised how close I had got with some people here.

"I'm going to miss you kid." Paul smiled sadly ruffling my hair.

"I'm going to miss you too, I'll not be gone that long." I promised

He nodded as I said my goodbyes to the JLS boys, thanking them and grabbing my suitcase as we headed out into the waiting minivan.

I climbed in as Niall threw my suitcase in, jumping in behind me as Harry was next to me.

"Airport pleae." Zayn stated and the driver started heading to the airport. I wiped off my smudged makeup and sorted myself so I looked half decent.

"Simons arranged tickets to somehwere quiet. We're going to dissapear for a few weeks until everything here is settled and he hopes Lily's safe and okay." Harry summed up

I nodded as the minivan taxi pulled up at the now really familler airport and we walked in, picking u our tickets, handing them over, handing out suitcases over and waiting in the first class lounge.

I decided to check twitter for the first time in ages, but not my mentions and I didn't look for that page.

I went on Astons page and saw the picture from the Ed Sheeran concert earlier that night, I looked so happy and care-free. Miles from what i must look like now.

I sighed sliding my phone into my pocket as a headline on the TV caught my eye.

'Lily Selley flee's Ed Sheeran gig after crazy girls try to attack her, police have discovered a twitter page plotting to kill the girl in any way possible, they are working to take the page down and arrest everyone involved with it. Twitter, Facebook and every other social networking site is hoping Lily if safe.'

I sighed just as Niall fell down next to me handing me a paper cup of coffee, I thanked him and we drank in silence.

"I'm scared." I whispered after a while

"I know, I am too." Niall replied in the same tone

I sighed throwing my rubbish into the bin and standing up.

"I can't belive I'm doing this." I sighed


"Fleeing the country because of some petty twitter page with 100 followers throughout the whole world. This isn't me, I'm staying."

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