S i x t e e n

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Kyle's POV:

I was just trying to protect myself. Protect myself from her.

My life was going peaceful until she showed up. Back then, I wasn't losing my sleep just because I couldn't keep a certain pair of blue eyes out of my head.

Couldn't she just be a simple girl? Why did she have to be so different?

She was getting close to me. Too close for my mind's liking. The only solution I had for this problem was to act like a total dickhead to her.

I planned all my acts before going into 'war'. But it looks like these past few weeks, my plans have been nothing but backfiring.

I kissed a girl and acted like a total dickhead at the party just to show her that I'm not interested in her. But fuck me, if I didn't want to kill that man who put a bruise on her. Unknowingly, my jaw clenched and my hands balled into fists just thinking about it. She looked so scared and vulnerable. And that did something to me that I wont dare tell anyone.

But this time, it backfired big time. I've seen woman cry. Their tears never made any difference to me. But this time, seeing Avery cry made me want to bang my head against a wall for being so stupid.

I didn't like seeing her cry.

Fuck it. I hated seeing her cry. Looking so vulnerable and broken made me feel like the biggest asshole.

I had to make it up to her. So I bought big buckets of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice cream--What? I didn't know which one she liked--and a diamond necklace.

From what I've heard, no girl can say no to diamonds and ice-cream. I haven't done this before in my whole life. Why would I when I just got everything I wanted without even saying it?

I knocked on her bed-room door. Addison had opened the front door for me and told me that Avery had locked herself in her bed room.

Avery opened her door but when she saw me, she rolled her eyes and suddenly slammed the door on my face. Well I guess I did deserve that.

"Avery, open the door. I want to talk to you." I say while knocking loudly on her door.

"But I don't want to talk to you! Just leave me alone." She shouted from the other side of the door.

Well I wasn't one to give up easily. I took the key out of my pocket and turned it in the keyhole.

"What are you doing in here?" She looked shocked.

"Well aren't you forgetting who owns this place?" Her gaze hardened as she heard my reply and she looked ready to scream.

I sighed. "Look I'm here to apologise." I said and took the bag out showing her the ice-cream and the diamond necklace.

As she spotted the necklace, she said angrily, "So you think you can buy me an expensive gift and I'll just forget about what you did. This might seem stupid to you but money cant buy everything." She paused for a second. " And by the way, I don't like ice-cream."

Ignoring her first comment, I said "No way. Every girl I know loves ice-cream."

She rolled her eyes and said "Well I'm not one of them."

"How?" I say still shocked.

"My step-sister and step-mother had a sweet tooth. So after every dinner, We'll have ice-cream. After a week or two, I started hating it. But I still had to eat it because if I didn't, they'll say that I was being an ungrateful bitch." She said while walking towards her bed and sitting on it.

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