**Liam's point of view**

I sat on the edge of Lucy's bed and watched as she went over to her IPod dock.

'Wanna listen to music?' she asked me and I nodded.

She clicked play and I Should Have Kissed You started to play.

'Sorry I just clicked shuffle. What do you want to listen to?' 

she asked, turning around and giving me an apologetic smile.

'What ever you want' I told her.

I got up and walked towards her. She stepped forward and I grabbed her hands. I started singing.

I keep playing inside my head 

All that you said to me 

I lie wake just to convince myself 

This wasn't just a dream

I kissed her softly, once on the lips, before pulling away.

'Your so beautiful' I told her and she blushed.

'LUCY CLAVE GET YOUR ASS DOWN STAIRS RIGHT NOW!!!!!' I heard someone scream from down stairs.

'Shit!' Lucy swore under her breath

'Whose that?' I asked her.

'My sister Anna' she groaned, kissing me softly on the lips.

'I'll be right back' she said and walked out the door.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for her to come back. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I pulled it out to see that I had a text from Harry.

From Harry Styles

Hey Liam 

Everything is sorted out between me and Lou and he's at Claire's now. Wanna get everyone together later tonight and go out to dinner or something? Ask Lucy if she wants to


At that moment Lucy walked back in.

'Hey you go changed' I said as she stopped in front of me.

She was now wearing a very short skirt that only just covered her bum and a tight black singlet top with tall heels. Also the amount of make up on her face seem to have double.

'Yeah of course. I wasn't going to stay in those ratty clothes all day now was I sexy'

'Um.. Ok' I said, unsure of what to say next. What was wrong with Lucy? She never spoke to me like this before.

Lucy sat very close next to me and put her hand on my knee.

'Wow your really cute. I would like to get to know you a little better if you know what I mean' she said wiggling her eyebrows at me.

Ok something is defiantly up.


She lent forward and pressed her lips against mine. I kissed her back, still really confused. She could tell that I wasn't really getting into it so she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me harder. That's when I saw her, standing by the door with tears running down her face.

'Lucy!!' I cried, pulling away from the kiss but she turned on her heel and ran.

The girl who was not Lucy smiled at me.

'Come here, we haven't finished yet' she said and she tried to pull me towards her again but I got to my feet.

'What the hell is going on? Who are you?' I asked her.

'I'm Anna and I'm Lucy's twin sister'

'What!!! Then why did you start kissing me?'

'Wait... You thought I was Lucy. Well this is an awkward moment'

I turned away from her and ran out the door. I have got to find Lucy. God I can't believe I just kissed her sister. But their identical!!! I couldn't tell it wasn't her and now she thinks I just kissed her sister. Which I did.. But it was meant for her.

I found her at the bottom of the stairs. She had her head in her hands and her shoulders were shaking with sobs.

'Lucy..' I said softly and she lifted her head to look up at me.

'How could you do that Liam??? How could you just make out with my sister?'

I walked down a few more steps and sat on the same stair next to her.

'Lucy I swear, I didn't mean to kiss her. I thought she was you. I would never cheat on you I swear. You know I would never do that to you. I love you Lucy and I would never hurt you like this'

'Are you telling the truth?' she asked.

'Or are you lying to me?'

I held her face in my hands and brought my face close to hers.

'Lucy I would never lie to you' I mutter softly. I kissed her.

As I quickly press my lips onto hers, I could feel all her hurt, all anger at her sister, all her emotions going into the kiss as she ran her fingers along my neck deepening the kiss. I slowly pressed my tongue past her soft lips and gently entered her mouth our tongues moving together in passion. I moan softly as her fingers continue to massage my neck. I wrapped my hands tighter around her waist dragging her closer so that I can get more control as I press my lips harder against hers before she slowly pulls away her dark brown eyes filled with... Love.

'I love you Liam' she said softly, so softly I almost didn't hear her.

'I love you too Lucy'

'And I'm going to kill Anna' she screamed, jumping up from the bottom step and running up to the top.

Oh shit.

'Lucy wait!!!!' I called as I ran after her.

I followed her to a room across the hall from hers. Lucy didn't knock, she just pushed the door open.

Anna was sitting on her bed reading a magazine while listening to music, VERY LOUDLY!

'Anna why the hell did you kiss my boyfriend????' Lucy screamed at her.

Anna reached over and turned the music off.

'What did you say?' she asked.


'Oh well he's cute and I didn't know he was your boyfriend. All's fair in love and war little sister'.

'I'm older than you' Lucy said. She was getting really pissed off.

'Anna I don't make out with any of your boyfriends so don't make out with mine. Stay away from Liam and the rest of One Direction ok!'

'Wait... OMG your Liam from One Direction!!!!!'

'Yes he is, stupid and we're leaving now' Lucy said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the door.

'She is such a dumb blonde' Lucy muttered to herself.

'But she has brown hair' I said.

'Well she should be blonde'

'I forgot to ask you' I said when we reached Lucy's bedroom again.

'What?' she asked.

'Harry wants to get everyone together tonight and like go out to eat or something like that'

'But what about the whole Harry and Claire thing?' she asked looking confuzzled.

'Its all over'

'Well that's good and yes I would love to'.

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