**Katie's point of view**





That was Harry Styles.  


'Hi Harry' Claire said. She was holding the phone in one hand and was watching our reactions.

'What happened last time? We lost you!'  

'Oh I fainted' she replied 

'Ok well Louis wants to talk to you'

'Louis!!!' we heard him shout. 

We all waited. I could hear the others breathing heavily beside me. We were all crowded around Claire sitting on the floor.

I can't believe this. When Claire had told me that she had Louis' phone it kind of didn't really sink in and I did believe her but I never really thought it through. I mean we rang Harry Styles!!!! What Directioner wouldn't kill to be in our place. Yet I'm in total shock. I should be screaming and jumping around like a maniac but like the other girls I'm frozen place and can't move.

I am a Directioner all the way. Have loved the boys since last year. When Ellie was able to get tickets to their concert I was over the moon but I also felt really bad because Claire couldn't go. She's my best friend in the whole wide world and I know that she really wanted to be there with us.

All I want to do is to just see them, to convince myself that their real (I know they are but still). Now I'm even talking to my favourite member. Holy shit I'm gonna fan girl. Wait for it!!! Wait for it!!! NOW

'Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!' I screamed, jumping up and dancing around the room screaming my lungs out.

The other girls did exactly what I did and we were all jumping around for about 5mins. Hannah and Lucy was crying their eyes out while Claire and Ellie were talking nonstop really really really fast. 

Wait the phone!!!

I quickly sat back down and beckoned for the other girls to shut up!! They did and sat down around me. Lucy and Hannah were still crying and Ellie was rocking back and forth saying to herself 'I think I'm gonna faint, I think I'm gonna faint'.

We waited then 

'Wow you girls make a lot of noise' a voice said. We all looked at Hannah. We all knew who that voice belonged to.

'Hi guys!!' I said. I was soooo excited I think I sounded a bit to happy.

'Hey, so um it looks like you know who we are but we don't know you?' Liam said. OMG were all the boys there?

'Well I'm Claire as you know and I'm sorry about what happened before'  

I mouthed to her 'what happened?' She mouth back 'fainted'

'I'm Katie and I think Harry is the sexiest man alive'  

'Thankyou' he replied.  

Ahhhhhh Harry Styles is saying thank you to me. God I hope Claire has secret hidden cameras in her room that capture everything that just happened. Probably not.

'I'm Ellie and I love you Zayn' Ellie practically screamed. She was still rocking and looked like she would flop any second. Haha by flop I mean faint.

'I'm Hannah and I smell like horse shit!' Hannah said giving her jumper a sniff. Of course Hannah just says the first thing that comes to mind.

'Hi I'm Lucy and I have nothing else to say'

'Ok so we've got Claire, Katie, Ellie, Hannah and Lucy'  Louis asked.

'Yep' Claire answered. 'So how should I give you back your phone Louis?'

'Well I think we have a solution to that' Niall said 

'And what pray tell is your amazayn idea?' Hannah asked him.

'You'll see!!!' Zayn replied and just then the door bell rang.

'I'll get it' Lucy said getting up and walking out the door.

'What do you mean we'll see?' Ellie asked.

'That's a great question so turn around'

'What?' I said as I turned my body to face the door.

HOW????? WHAT????? I DON'T..???????

My body froze as I gazed at the sight before me.


Standing before me was One Direction. 

How the hell did they find Claire's address???

We were all frozen staring at the boys while they looked at us. Zayn had a phone in his hand and he click the screen to end the call. I pushed Louis' back at Claire and she took it from me with shaking hands.

'Told you we had a solution' Harry said staring straight at me.

Ok so I hope u enjoyed this next part and chapter 16 is going to be broken up into five and I'll be their reactions to seeing each other. 

First part is going to be Harry and Katie


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