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So everyone has come back from getting clothes and stuff and set out again. Jessie still doesn’t know that Claire isn’t in the bathroom because her, Louis, Katie and Harry had already left. Oh and no one went to check on Zayn and Ellie because I don’t they just didn’t. This chapter is the city then its the date then the bathroom then horse riding. I’ll try and write as much as I can tonight but I probably won’t update more than once.

Just a recap

Liam and Lucy are on their date

Jessie, Niall and Hannah are horse riding

Katie, Harry, Louis and Claire are at the city

Ellie and Zayn are still locked in the bathroom

If you remembered all that from the last few chapters then congratulations I love you but for those who have forgot that’s probably my fault. Woops  

Enough from me


**Claire’s point of view**

‘Louis are you sure your allowed to drive in Australia?’ I asked him as we headed out onto the freeway.

‘Um I think so but let’s not get in any trouble just in case’ he said, his eyes still on the road.

I turned back to face the front. We were in Katie’s Mums car and Louis and I were in the front while Harry and Katie were in the back. I was glad that we had left before Hannah and Jessie had gotten back. Right now Jessie is starting to get on my nerves again. Sometimes she is alright and perfectly friendly then she starts getting horrible. And what the hell is she planning with my little sister. I really don’t want to know, I just hope that it doesn’t create a mess that I have to clean up. Also I was sort of jealous of her too. She had known Louis all her life where as I had only known him for a day. She knew so much more about him then I did. But he’s mine now and I will never let him go.

‘Louis please just don’t break the car. My Mum will kill me’ I heard Katie yell from the back seat.

‘Katie you do know that we are less than a metre away from you, there is no need to shout’ Louis said, looking over his shoulder once before fixing his eyes back on the road.

‘God Louis your turning into Claire’ Katie muttered.

I reached up and brushed away the hair that had fallen across his forehead. His hair was so soft. I ran my fingers through it, messing it up just a little before pulling my hand away.

‘Excuse me Miss Grey. I am under strict orders from a certain someone not to damage her mother’s car so if you could please refrain from doing that because it is very distracting. You being in the car is already distracting enough!’

‘Oh so how am I distracting?’ I asked him in a mocking voice, folding my arms across my chest.


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