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**Claire’s point of view**

It was about 11 now and I think everyone was getting tried. Zayn was already asleep on the couch and so was Katie who had her head in Harry’s lap. Awwww I guess the two of them made up.

‘OK guys I think it’s time for bed’ Liam called.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

‘Come on’ Louis said grabbing my hand and pulling me over to the mess of blankets that I had set up. He grabbed two and pulled me over to the fold out bed. 

‘Wait’ I said to him.

He looked up confused.

‘What?’ he asked.

‘I’m not going to bed in this’ I said pointing to the school uniform that I still had on.

‘Claire can I borrow some PJs?’ Hannah called out to me.

‘Us too?’ Ellie and Lucy said together. Katie was still asleep.

‘Alright’ I told them and they followed me out to the hall. As I passed, I nudged Katie with my toe to wake her up and she went with us as well.

Before I left the kitchen I turned around.

‘Jessie do you want some too?’ I asked her. She was still sitting on the table, alone as Bella had gone to bed about an hour ago. She looked up surprised and nodded as she got up and walked over to me.

By the time we came back the boys seemed to have sorted out the bed problem. I walked straight over to where Louis was next to the fold out bed and he wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

‘Hey you didn’t get anything for us?’ Harry said. He had his arms around Katie and I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying it.

‘Oh I’m sorry, do you want me to go and get Bella’s my little pony pyjamas for you’ I said to him. He scolded at me but I smiled at him innocently.

‘Yeah Harry they’d be just right for you’ Katie said, turning her head to kiss him on the cheek.

‘Thanks but no thanks’

‘Well night all you freaks’ Jessie said, jumping on the mattress closest to her and wrapping a blanket around her.

‘Who are you calling freaks’ Ellie muttered also picking a mattress and getting ready to go to sleep.

I hoped up onto the fold out bed and grabbed one of the blankets, wrapping in around my head like a hood. Louis smiled at me before removing his shirt and shoes and hopping in next to me.

I tried not to stare at him. OMG a shirtless boy in bed with me. My parents would kill me of they found out. Then I noticed that all the other boys had removed their shirts as well and the other girls had no problem with that.

I pulled the blanket off my head and lay back next to Louis. I turned and lay on my stomach with my head resting against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and I breathed a sigh.

‘Good night everyone’ I called.

‘Goodnight Claire’

‘Goodnight Liam’

‘Goodnight Niall’

‘Goodnight Hannah’

‘Goodnight Ellie’

‘Goodnight Louis’

‘Goodnight Harry’

‘Goodnight Katie’

‘Goodnight Zayn’

‘Goodnight Lucy’

‘Goodnight Jessie’

‘Claire can you turn off the light’ Liam called out to me.

‘No you do it’

‘No you do it’

‘No you’

‘No you’

‘No you’

‘No you’

‘No you’

‘Alright I’ll do it’ Jessie called out getting up.

‘Claire where’s the light switch?’

‘Next to the cupboard’


‘Next to the door’

‘This one?’



The lights went out.

‘Goodnight Lou’ I muttered before I closed my eyes.

‘Goodnight beautiful’

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