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**Claire's point of view**

We all walked into the restaurant, Harry in the lead. He had a word to one of the waiters and the waiter nodded and lead us to one of the back corners of the room where there was a massive table, with enough seats for our 11.

'Buzz the chair closest to the wall' Jessie called out, running towards the chair.

'Why?' I asked her.

'Because I like corners, it's very soothing to the soul'.

We all laughed and took our places. Louis sat on my right with Harry and Katie next to him and on my left sat Hannah and Niall. Jessie, Liam, Lucy, Zayn and Ellie sat on the other side of the table.

'So what did you guys get up to today?' Lucy asked.

'Well Zayn and I went shopping' Ellie said.

'Hannah's brother thinks I'm a girl' Niall said.

'Claire's Mum tried to rape me' Harry said.

'Well Liam made out with my sister' Lucy said.

'WHAT!' we all exclaimed.

'No one told me she had an identical twin' Liam said trying to defend himself.

'Yes but there is a massive difference between Lucy and Anna' I explained.

'For one thing Anna is a slut and for another ONE OF THEM IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND!'

'It won't happen again' Liam said, putting an arm around Lucy's shoulders.

'So what does everyone want?' Niall asked opening the menu in front of him.

10mins later we were all eating our food. I just picked at mine. I really wasn't hungry and negative thoughts kept running through my head.

The boys would be going home tomorrow. What if we never see them again? What if Louis forgets about me? I mean I have no idea when their coming back to OZ or if they are (A/N I do know they are).

I don't want tomorrow to be the last time I see them. But I can't just move to London to stay with them. I've got school and all my family here and we would never be able to afford it.

I need to stop thinking about it. I should just enjoy tonight and worry about it in the morning.

My thoughts were interrupted by Niall, who had picked up his plate and was licking it clean.

I reached behind Hannah and smacked him on the back of the head.


He looked up sheepishly and grinned at me.

'Sorry Claire' he said.

'Oh don't listen to her' Hannah said, grabbing her plate and starting to lick it clean to.

'HANNAH! I just told Niall not to do that so don't you start' I said to her, grabbing the plate and moving I as far away from her as I could.

As I was doing this I watched out of the corner of my eye as Louis picked up his plate and edged it towards his mouth.


All around us heads turned to stare at us.

'Good job Claire, you've broken our cover, now we'll have to kill you' Harry said.

I stuck by tongue out at him, sinking lower in my chair.

I watched as a girl, about 17 years old came up to our table.

'Oh my god your One Direction' she said, and I was very surprised that she didn't scream. I know I would have.

'Yes we are, hello' Louis said.

'Can I please take a picture with you?' she asked.

'Sure' Liam said and the boys all got up.

'Take the picture' she said to me and pushed her phone into my hands, then giving me a filthy look.

Um ok what's her problem?

The boys all stood next to her and smiled. I was about to take the picture when she said.

'Wait, there's something not right' and she turned around and stared at the boys.

'You there, the blonde one, get out of the picture, your not in One Direction' she said pointing at Niall.

All of us girls let out a gasp of surprise and I could feel Hannah beside me shaking with anger. The boy all looked shocked and Niall moved out of way and stood beside Ellie who put and arm around his shoulders.

I was about to say something to this girl about how she's a selfish bitch and that I hoped she burned in hell but Jessie beat me to it.

She was walked up to the girl and on the way grabbed Katie's plate of spaghetti. She stood infront of the Directionater and dumped the plate on her head.

'MY HAIR!!!' she wailed.

'Don't you dare be mean to Niall. He is as much a part of One Direction as the other boys are and he has made more money in two years then you ever will in your life. Now fuck off and leave us alone' Jessie screamed at her.

The girl snatched the phone out of my hands and stormed away. All around us people were staring. I guess we had attracted a little to much attention.

A big man in a suit walked up to us.

'I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you all to leave' he said to us and we all gathered our things and walked out without a word.

Once we were outside I drew my jacket more tightly around me and Louis wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

'We'll I've never been kicked out of a resturant before' Ellie said and we all laughed.

'Come on let's go' Zayn said, tugging on Ellie's hand.

'Where are we going?' Ellie asked him.

'Back to Claire's right?' Zayn said looking at me.

'Well.....' I said.

'Please!!!!' 10 voices begged.

'Alright' I said, giving in and we headed back towards to cars.

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