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**Claire’s point of view**

I kissed him back. Our lip moving together and he leant forward and placed his hand on my check. I reached up and ran my fingers through his soft hair. This moment was so perfect. Louis likes me. He kissed me. My heart is beating really fast I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hear it. I never want this moment to end. Just then Jessie comes through the door.

‘Louis I found....Oh sorry am I interrupting something?’

We pulled away from each other and Louis stepped back from me as we both turned to stare at her.

‘No’ Louis replied.

‘Yes’ I said.

‘Well good’ she said, moving further into the room. Did she just not hear me say yes? God this girl knows how to ruin a good romantic moment.

‘Louis I found a costume shop in the city that sells taco costumes’ Jessie said sounding very proud of herself.

‘No way that is so cool, how?’ Louis asked her. Seriously how old is he?

‘Well there is this amazing thing called Google and you ask it a question really nicely and it gives you an answer’.

‘So that means we’re going to the city tomorrow?’ Louis asked. Has he like forgotten that I’m in the room? He smiled at me. Ok maybe not.

‘Can’t, going horse riding with Hannah and Niall’

‘Claire will you take me to the city?’ Louis said giving me his best puppy dog eyes. I melted. Man he is so cute.


‘Yay yay yay yay’ they both cried jumping up and dancing around the room. I got up and walked back to my bedroom. Those two have some serious problems.

When I got back in my room I discovered that Liam and Lucy were making out AGAIN, Zayn was talking to Hannah and Niall while Harry and Katie seemed to be having an argument. Oh no better go and do something.

‘Katie can I talk to you for a second?’

‘Sure’ she said, glaring at Harry as she did so. He just shrugged and walked over to Louis who had just entered the room.

‘What’s happened?’ I asked Katie when we were both alone.

‘Oh god he is being such a twit. First he seems really interested in me and I think hey he really likes me then he starts being rude to me and I think hey maybe not’

‘What did he say?’ I ask keeping my voice low.

‘Well he wanted to know all this stuff about you then he started asking me some really random question and insulting me each time I answered them’.

‘Why was he asking about me?’

‘No clue. You don’t like him do you?’ she said staring at me.

‘What, no of course not, I know that he’s yours!!!’

‘Good’ she said looking relieved.

‘Katie Louis kissed me’ I told her keeping my voice low so that the others wouldn’t hear.

‘HOLY FUCK CLAIRE THAT’S HUGE!!!! YOU’RE FIRST KISS’ she practically screamed in a high pitch tone. I looked around the room. Everyone’s eyes were on us. Hopefully they didn’t hear what she just said.

‘You all right Katie?’ Niall asked

I don’t think they did. I looked at Louis and he flashed me another one of his phenominiall smiles. I think my heart stopped for a second.

‘Yeah I’m fine’ Katie answered him.

She looked back at me. She’ll want details.

‘Not here. Come with me’ I grabbed her hand a dragged her out the door and into the hall.

‘So what was it like?’ she asked when we were in the kitchen.

‘Amazing’ I said, slumping down on the couch.

‘What was amazing?’ Hannah asked as she, Lucy and Ellie all came into the room.

‘Where are the boys?’

‘In your room with Jessie’ Ellie said sitting down next to me. The others sat down too.

‘Are you sure that’s a good idea?’

‘Yeah it’ll be fine’ Lucy said.

‘So what was amazing?’ Hannah asked again.

‘Louis kissed Claire’ Katie said.


‘You guys will make a great couple’.

‘What about Jessie?’ I ask them.

‘I don’t recon that there’s anything going on between them’ Ellie said putting her arm around my shoulders.

‘So Lucy, you and Liam getting pretty close huh?’ I said.

Her face lit up and she sighed heavily.

‘Were going on a date tomorrow!!!!!’

We all squealed with delight.

Just then I heard a crash from the other end of the house.

Oh crap what’s happened now I thought as we raced up to my bedroom.

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