Soooooo sooooo sorry I haven’t updated sooner but I’ve had a lot on. Went and saw the Lorax today at Chaddie and it was pretty good. Got the Souvenir Edition today!!!! Yay!!! I’m gonna sleep with it in my arms tonight. Anyone going to the airport on the 14th???


I work up with my head resting against Louis’ chest. I got up, trying not to wake him and headed into the kitchen and discovered the only other person awake.


‘Morning’ I said to him as I went over to the fridge and poured myself a glass of orange juice. Ha that’s funny. This bottle was full yesterday.

‘How’d you sleep?’ he asked as he buttered some toast.

‘Fine, you?’

I went to the cupboard and grabbed the loaf of bread. I took two pieces out a placed them in the toaster.

‘Alright, what’s this?’ he asked holding up a jar of Vegemite.

‘Vegemite. I hate it though. Tastes gross’

He held the jar up to his nose and sniffed. A disgusted look came over his face and he put the jar down, screwing the lid back on.

‘Smells gross too’

‘Um Harry you have a little something...’ I said, holding my hand up to my nose.

He reached up and felt the Vegemite that had stuck to his.

‘Ewww’ he said as he wiped it off. But he did it wrong and smeared it all over his nose.

‘See now you made it worse’ I said, grabbing the tea towel that was next to me. I wet it then handed it to Harry.

‘Thanks’ he said as he began to clean his face.

‘What time is it?’ I asked him as I grabbed my toast out of the toaster.

‘Um 8.30 I think. Well it was 8.15 when I got up’

‘Can you pass me a knife?’ I asked him because he was the closest to the draw.

‘What, are you going to kill me for not knowing the time?’

‘Yes, yes I am. Then I’ll butter my toast’ I said sarcastically. He laughed and grabbed me a knife.

Just then Hannah and Niall came into the kitchen.

‘Oh is that toast I smell’ Hannah said coming up behind me and giving me a hug.

‘Yeah there’s bread in the cupboard’ I told her.

‘Cool’ she said pulling Niall with her.

I turned to Harry again.

‘So how much of the city have you seen?’ I asked him as I took a big bite of my toast.

‘Not a lot’.

‘Well that’s good. Means Katie and I can get you hopelessly lost’ I said smirking at him.

‘What can we do?’ I heard Katie ask as she came into the kitchen.

‘Get the boys lost’

‘Well I may get lost anyway’ she said, coming over and taking my other piece of toast.

‘Hey that’s mine!!!’ I said, trying to snatch it back but she danced out of my way as she took a huge bite.

‘Claire you have a pool?’ Niall asked me. It was light now so they were able to see it.

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