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**Zayn’s point of view**

Louis pushed me into the bathroom, slamming the door behind me. Ellie was standing in front of the mirror, trying desperately to fix her hair. Though she really wasn’t getting anywhere with it. It looked like a birds nest. She turned around as she heard the door slam, looking up to meet my eyes.

‘What do you want Zayn?’

‘To make sure that you were alright’ I said as I walked over to stand in front of her.

She stared coldly back at me.

‘Why, you don’t even like me?’

‘That’s not true’.

‘Oh isn’t it’ she muttered sarcastically. ‘You’ve hardly looked at me that whole time that you’ve been here and when you do it’s like I’m something gross on the bottom of your shoe. So you can see how that looks to me. Either I’m someone who is below your all mighty notice or you really don’t like me for some reason even thought YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME!!!!’

I was shocked. Is that what she really thought? She turned away from me and sat down with her back against the wall. I walked over and sat beside her. She refused to look at me. We sat in silence for a while then I said.

‘Ellie, I did think that when I first meet you. You seemed like someone who just didn’t care about other people and their feelings. But I don’t think that anymore.’

‘Then why haven’t you said anything to me?’ she asked. She turned her head so that she was looking at the wall in front of us.

‘Because I was scared to’.

‘Why I’m not a monster?’

‘Because... oh god I don’t know. Because I started too really like you and I thought that if I asked you out then you would turn me down because someone as pretty as you is bound to have a boyfriend’ I said in a rush.

**Ellie’s point of view**

Did he just say what I think he said? I turned my head to stare at him. He was biting his lip and looking away from me. I was stunned. I had thought that he hated me. I had hated him but its Zayn Malik and no one can hate Zayn Malik.

‘I don’t’ I said in voice little more than a whisper.

‘Don’t what’ he said, turning back to face me. We were so close together, I could feel his breath, warm on my check.

‘Have a boyfriend. I’ve never had one’.

‘What really? Never’.

‘No, no one has ever asked me’.

‘But you’re beautiful, why not?’

‘Because as you said people think that I am selfish and only think about myself’.

Tears started prickling in my eyes but I forced them not to fall. I didn’t want Zayn to see me cry.

‘Ellie I am sooo sorry that I ever thought that about you’ he said and before I knew what was happening, his lips were pressing down on mine. For a second I was shocked and didn’t move. He started to pull away but I leaned into him, pressing my lips hard against his. His lips were soft, so soft. Softer than I had ever thought they would be.  I mean, everyone has dreamed of kissing a member of One Direction at least once. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back even harder. 

He pulled away slowly, our foreheads still touching and looked into my eyes. I stared back at him. He was so beautiful. Then I heard a bang from the other side of the door and the sound of a key turning in a lock.

‘What was that?’ Zayn asked.

‘I have no idea’ I said as I got up and headed over to the door. I turned the door handle only to find that it was locked.

I turned back to Zayn.

‘I think we’re locked in’.

**Bella’s point of view**

I watched as the two cars drove down the street. Jessie had said that now would be the best time to do it. Everyone would be out so I’d just lock Claire in the bathroom and when the other came back say that she was sick or something. Jessie would get out of going horse riding and go with Louis, Harry and Katie to the city. Then she’d ditch Harry and Katie and have Louis all to herself. Personally I think that it’s a stupid plan but if it annoys Claire then sure I’m all for it.

I waited 5 minutes then headed towards the bathroom door. It was shut and I would hear someone moving around in it. Good she’s already in there. I ran fast to the kitchen and grabbed the set of keys with all the keys to the house. I took off the one that was for the bathroom and ran back to the door.

I ran a little too fast and ran straight into the door with a bang. Owwwww that hurt. I fell to the floor then quickly got back up. I shoved the key into the lock then turned it. It’s an old house so yes all the doors have locks that you use a key. 


I sprinted back onto the kitchen and opened the back door. Now to hide the key. I know!!

I ran over to the pool gate and opened it. I walked over to the edge of the water and stood looking down. The water was clean but there were a few leaves drifting around the bottom. Good. I threw the key over to the deep end of the pool and watched as it sank into the water.

This is going to be interesting.


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