Vas Happenin Directioners

Got bored so I decided to update. Also is it normal that my brother is right now cleaning the garden with bathroom spray and a tea towel? I would stop him but it’s really funny because he keeps getting frustrated because nothing is coming clean.


**Claire’s point of view**

Turns out I have to do all the work in setting up the beds. Louis tried to help but ended up getting tangled in blankets and blundered around the room knocking things over. I decided that we’ll all sleep out the back of my house since it has got the most amount of room. Let me give you a quick run through of my house. The front door is connected to a hallway that then leads into the kitchen/ lounge room. My bedroom, Bella’s and Mum and Dad’s all lead of the hall way as well as the bathroom. Then once you go to the back of the house you find my Dad’s office and a backroom at the back (A/N kind of like my real house). In my back yard I have a pool which I’m glad the boys haven’t discovered.

I set up the fold out bed from one of the couches and then grabbed the spare mattresses out and dumped as many blankets as I could fine onto a huge pile on top of everything. I’ll let them sort everything out.

**Jessie’s point of view**

While Claire was setting up everything I continued to talk to Bella about my plan. She had seemed fully in on it when I had first suggested it to her. I hadn’t been sure if she’d be willing to help me since Claire is her sister and at first I had thought that she would be like Claire. I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

‘So you in?’ I asked her.

‘Yeah I’m in, this’ll be fun’

‘Do you think it’ll work?’

‘It should but you never know something could go wrong’ Bella flashed me an evil grin.

‘Meaning?’ I asked her.

 ‘Oh you know I might forget to do something or she could escape, you never know?’

‘What can I do to make sure that doesn’t happen? money?’ I reached into my packet for the money my parents had given me this morning. Your suppose to be saving that, I thought to myself but I pushed the thought away. The only reason I wanted to save up money was so that I could go back to Doncaster to visit Louis but this is more important.

‘Oh no I don’t want money just take Louis way from Claire, ok’

I frowned at her. She knows that not what I’m doing this for. Claire seems alright. A bit over the top but alright. She could be my friend if we tried but I don’t think she likes me very much.

‘You know that’s not what I’m doing this for’ I said through gritted teeth.

‘Oh really. Then tell me why you want Claire out of the picture?’

Because of Louis, I thought. Ever since I had first got here I’ve wanted to talk to him, to spend time with him. Just the two of us. Then I started to get these weird feelings when I saw him kissing Claire. I’m not jealous of her. Or am I? Maybe I do love Louis? I care about him a lot, sure. But do I love him in that way? I don’t know. That’s why I’m hoping some alone time with him will help me understand but I know that Claire will try to stop us being alone. That’s why she didn’t go with the others to get the food because she can tell that I may have feelings for Lou.

I looked over at him. He had finally gotten out of the blankets and had thrown himself onto the pile of blankets that Claire had set out. Claire turned around and started yelling at him but he kept smiling and rolled himself up in the blankets. I watched Claire sigh and go and pull him free because of course he had gotten himself stuck.

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