Hey so this the next part so hope you enjoy!!  

Oh and I just wanted to remind you that 

Claire is me (Curly) 

Katie is my Harry rival Emilia 

Lucy is the brilliam Laura (Daddy) 

Ellie is the amazayn Molly (DJ Malik) 

Hannah is wonky colin Jemima (Nialler) 

Jessie is the insane Elise (BooBear)

**Claire's point of view**

'So introductions'  

'I'm Hannah and this is Claire, Katie, Ellie and Lucy' 

Hannah said pointing to us as she said our name. The boys smiled at us. I couldn't stop staring.

'Well I can tell you know who we are' Harry said, pointing to my many posters. Well duh that's a stupid thing to say.

Where did that come from?

I'm not mad Harry.

'How did you find out where I live?' I asked. 

'Well Louis had an idea' Liam said. He was staring at Lucy and she was smiling at him. Wow I knew those two would hit it off but how fast was that. 20 seconds?

'Well when we lost connection with you, we tracked Louis' phone and ended up here' Zayn continued.

I had been holding it in. The inner fan girl that was just waiting to burst out of me. Not in front of the boys, not in front of the boys. I know I'll fan girl on the inside.


Just then I heard the voices coming down the hall.

**Jessie's point of view**

I opened the door. Before me stood 5 girls and One Direction.

'Hi' I said, walking in followed by the little chick.  

'Claire do you know who this.. Holy crap is that One Direction?' the little one asked staring at the boys.

'Yeah it is so GET OUT Bella' the girl with the long curly hair who must be Claire said moving forward and pushing Bella back out the door closing it in her face.

'JESSIE!!!' Louis shouted running forward like a little kid and giving me a big hug but I pushed him away.

'Louis Tomlinson I am going to fucking kill u.' I screamed at him.

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