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 **Claire's point of view**

I am in sooo much trouble. It's been 10mins and Liam hasn't replied. Crap what if they know I'm not Louis. I should have told him. As you can probably tell I'm not the best at conversations. I just can never get what I'm trying to say out. Mostly because no really wants to listen to me. Oh God Claire what's with the depressing talk.

Ping. A new text from Liam

Liam- Ur not Louis

Oh shit I'd been discovered.

Me- I know

Stupid response Claire, of course you know that your not Louis.

Liam- Who are u?

Me- Claire

Liam- well Claire how did u get Lou's phone?

Me- Found it

Liam- Louis wants to talk to you

What? How can I talk to Louis?

Just then Louis phone rang. The caller ID said Hazzabear.


Hello' I said

'Hi Claire' a voice said from the phone but it wasn't Harry. It was Louis.

'It seems that you found my phone'


I fainted          

Sorz this one is a like really really  short had basketball training and I'll write more soon!!!  


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