Hey Directioners

This is a flashback that takes place in chapter 21 part 2. It’s between Harry and Katie because i never really said how the two of them got together.

Hope u enjoy



**Katie’s point of view**

Niall got up off the floor with help from Hannah and they sat down on Claire’s bed. They were sooo cute together. I wish Harry and I were like that but he keeps on arguing with me over the stupidest things. I really like him, not just because his in One Direction but because I just can’t stop thinking about him. The image of his eyes,  curls and smile fill my mind all the time but he hardly takes any notice of me. I was so happy for Claire that she had Louis and Lucy had Liam but is it so much to ask that Harry likes me back.

I was sitting on the floor by the door. Ellie was sitting with me and she kept looking between me and Harry with a confused expression. She turned to me and raised an eyebrow. I got the point. She wants to know what’s going on between us.

‘Ellie I don’t know. I had thought that he was interested in me but I guess I was wrong’.

She put an arm around my shoulders and I leant back into her.

‘Owwww it’ll be alright, he’ll come to his senses and see that he‘s madly in love with you’.

‘Thanks Ellie’.

‘You’re welcome’

 I sighed. This was just all too complicated. I looked up and saw Harry walking towards us. Oh god what does he want now?

‘Do you want me to go so that the two of you can talk alone?’ Ellie asked me, starting to get up off the floor.

‘Yeah but if I look like I’m in trouble then come and save me!’ I told her. I lifted my head off her shoulder and watched her walk away. She turned back and gave me an encouraging smile.

Harry sat down next to me. I refused to look him, instead watching Louis wrap his arms around Claire’s waist.

‘Katie talk to me please?’ Harry begged. I turned to face him. He was staring at me, a worried look on his face. He was so close to me. I stared back into his eyes and my heart melted.  But his the one that is in the wrong, not me.

‘Harry, I just don’t understand’

‘Don’t understand what?’ he asked.

‘Why is it that whenever I talk to you, you always turn it into an argument? And I’m sick of it!! I really like you Harry but your being fucking annoying!!!!’ I said to him. His face changed from worry to bemusement.


‘Nothing, Nothing it’s just.. Do you really like me????’

‘Yes I do but am starting to hate you now!!’

I started to get up but he wrapped a hand around my wrist.

‘Stay please. Just let me explain’.

I sat back down.

‘Katie, I really like you too. It’s just that whenever I’m around you I feel like a complete idiot and say things that I don’t even mean. You make me forget what I was going to say and I get all tongue tied which is not something that I’m used to. But I never wanted to argue with you. It’s just that I would say all the wrong things and then you would walk away and I would feel like a complete ass’.

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