This is the third chapter of the sequel

4 months after 1D left Melbourne

August 2012

*Katie's point of view*

I ran down the street as fast as I could. I can't believe I let the time get away from me. I had asked Hannah to remind me when it was half past 5 but she had forgot so now it's a minute to 6 and I'm still a street away from my house.

Hannah, Lucy and I had spent the day at Chadstone (A/N a massive shopping centre near where Katie and Claire live). We went and saw a movie then went shopping. Claire is in bed with a really bad cold and Ellie has gone away with her parents to Sydney for a week. Lucky her, she gets to miss school.

Oh yeah I'm running really fast because Harry and I are suppose to Skype each other at 6 and now it's 6 and I'm really running late.

I turned into my street and ran as fast as I could to my front door. I fumbled with the key, unlocked the door and ran inside, not even bothering to shut it.

'Do not disturb for the next hour or so!' I screamed as I slammed my door shut.

'Ok' I heard Mum scream back.

I ran to my laptop and quickly turned into on.

'Come on come on COME ON!!' I muttered under my breath as my laptop slowly loaded just to piss me off.

I opened up Skype and turned my webcam on. Harry was already on and I quickly video called him and waited until his face appeared on my computer screen.

He was wearing a black Tshirt and jeans and he smiled at me.

'Hey Katie' he said.

'Hello' I said waving.

'Sorry about the other day, Louis sat on my head and the computer fell on the ground and broke'.

'That's ok' I said.

'So what have you been up to?' he asked.

'Nothing much. School sucks and I have a boat load of homework that I will have to eventually have to do. My brother's been in and out of hospital for the last month but the doctors say that he should be fine, it's nothing serious but I don't believe them'.

I found some blue tack that was sitting on my desk and started playing with it.

'Is he alright?'

'Yeah it's just he's been really sick and they want to run some test and stuff. So enough sad talk, what's been happening with you?'

I'm really worried about Dylan. He's been getting paler and paler everyday and he hardly gets out of bed anymore. He hasn't gone to school in weeks but the doctors keep saying that there is nothing to worry about.

Harry ran a hand through his hair and yawned. I forgot, it's only 9.00 in the morning in London.

'Nothing really, we've just been recording the album the the last few weeks but I'm going to see my family tomorrow'.

'That's nice'.

'Yeah, I haven't seen them much recently. What have the other girls been up to?'

'Well Claire's sick at the moment, Ellie's away with her family, Hannah wants to get a tattoo across her forehead so I'm slightly worried about her...'

'What type of tattoo does she want to get?'

'She wants the words KEEP CALM AND BE TOTALLY AWESOME on her forehead in massive writing'.

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