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Yellow people

Look two updates in one day!!!!!


**Liam's point of view**

'You boys are in sooooo much trouble!!!' a very angry, pissed off person answered.

Oh crap I thought to myself.

'Hey Paul' I said timidly. I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was not happy.

'LIAM JAMES PAYNE do you understand how worried I have been. You just left your hotel and didn't tell anyone. We had no idea where you were or what had happened to you, if you were alright. I had police out looking for you. We had thought that you had been kidnapped by some crazy fan. And you missed rehearses today!!!!'

'Look Paul I'm really sorry but I'm kind of busy at the moment, do you mind calling me back?'

I heard Lucy snicker and looked up to meet her eyes.

'No Liam I will not call you back. Don't you dare hang up on me like Louis did. Where the hell have you guys been all day??'

'We've been out with our girlfriends' I told him.

'Girlfriends. GIRLFRIENDS!! You have been in Australia for two days and you already have GIRLFRIENDS!!'

'Yeah this is Lucy'

'Hi' she said, waving at my phone.

'You know he can't see you' I told her.

'I know' she replied, grabbing my phone out of my hand.

'Hi Paul, look I'm sorry that Liam forgot to tell you where the boys were going but there was this whole thing will Louis' phone then like everything was crazy and we had Mc Donald's for dinner and the boys slept over at Claire's and me and Liam just went and saw the Titanic. Have you seen the Titanic Paul?'

'Yes I have and I loved it. Would I be able to talk to Liam again Lucy?'

'Your on speaker' she told him.

'Ok and Liam I just got a call from Niall saying that they were lost in the middle of nowhere and that they had ran out of fuel. And I can't get through to Zayn and Harry won't answer his phone. You know you have a concert at 7.00 right??!!!'

'WHAT, I completely forgot. I have no idea where Niall is but I think they were going horse riding or something and Zayn I have no idea where he is either and Harry is in the city with Louis, Katie and Claire'.

'Liam this is not like you at all. Your suppose to be the one in charge. Pull your act together will you and get the boys to Hisense Area before the show or you will disappoint your fans'.

And with that he hung up.

**Claire's point of view**

We arrived back a my house at around 5.30. I got out of the car, hand in hand with Louis and together we walked through my front door and down the hallway. I could tell that someone else was home because the front door was unlocked and I could hear voices from the kitchen.

We walked into the kitchen to find Lucy, Liam, Hannah, Niall and Jessie all waiting for us.

'Hello' I called to them merrily.

I watch as Jessie face changed from happy, to shocked then confused.

'Hello everyone' Hannah said, giving me a hug.

'What time did you guys get back?' Harry asked.

'Oh well funny story, you see...' Hannah started to say but Lucy interrupted her.

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