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**Claire's point of view**

I quickly got off Louis and turned to face my mum. She was standing in the door way, arms on her hips and a scowl on her face. Dad was standing behind her although he was not looking at us.

'Explain yourselves' Mum ordered so I quickly gave her a run through of the events of the last few days, leaving out some minor details like I went to the One Direction concert and just left Bella here, on her own, like the good sister I am!

'So let me get this straight, you let 6 strangers into the house and went out all day yesterday with out telling me'

'Um yes' I muttered, looking down at my feet.

'And who is this?' Mum asked, pointing at Louis.

'Mum this is Louis Tomlinson, my boyfriend' I said and as I did I turned ever so slightly to look at Louis standing next to me.

Are we boyfriend and girlfriend? Or had I just made things really awkward.

Louis wrapped and arm around my waist from behind and pulled me close to his side.


What the fuck???

'I NEVER THOUGHT THAT THIS DAY WOULD COME!!!' Mum screamed again and she ran forward and grabbed Louis' arm, pulling him with her and back out the door.

I started laughing my head off at the expression on Louis' face and I followed them into the hallway. My mum is quite crazy sometimes and she can get very over excited. Dads the quiet one. He spends most of his time with his head in some massive book and even now he is just standing in my bedroom door way, eyes fixed on his phone. I pushed past him and followed Mum into the kitchen where she had let go of Louis and pushed him onto the couch as she sat close beside him.

'You see we had never thought that Claire would get a boyfriend because she can be very shy around boys and she never goes out on the weekends. Frank and I were getting so worried that we would never ever find anyone for her but I guess we didn't need to.So tell me about yourself Lewis' Mum blabbered.

' Louis and um' Louis muttered, looking at me and begging me with his eyes to save him but I only shrugged.

This has happened each time a boy has ever enter put house. And I mean any boy. Poor Dylan has it done to him every time he comes over. I think Mum thinks that I'm going to die alone and never get married and move out so she tries to set me up with just about anyone. It's one of the only times my mum ever seems to realise that I exist.

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