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10mins later I came to with my head resting on the ground. I sat up really fast.

Owwwwwwwwwww I must have hit my head REALLY HARD.

I reached up and felt the top of my head. There was a bump rising and pain was shooting through my brain. This felt worse then when I got hit in the head with a softball bat. I mean seriously the person who trusted my sister with a bat should be sent to jail.

My sister isn't what you call an 'athletic' type person. She decided to start playing softball because she thinks she needs to lose some weight. Standing by the plate about to hit the ball when magically the bat flies out of her hand and hits me straight in the head. Owwww I thought my brain was falling out of my skull.

Wait I'm so confused what was happening before I blacked out? I don't remember a thing!!! Wait it's coming back to me. Hold on ummm
Holy Fuck Louis

I looked around on the floor but the phone was no where to be found. Ok ok don't panic I told myself. Holy shit I'm panicking. Where is it? Where is it? I checked under the bed and basically tore my whole room apart but I still couldn't find it .

Just then I heard an evil laugh coming from the hallway. Oh no she didn't.
'Oh yes she did' Bella said walking in with Louis' phone in her dirty, disgusting, thieving hands.

'Look what I found while you were having your little nap on the ground!'

I am going to kill her.

'Give it back Bella' I said as calmly as I could.

Remember don't scream because she will never do what you want mum always used to say to me. Yeah a fat lot of good that would do now.

'Which one of your loser friends is this?' Bella asked stepping forward and holding the phone between her thumb and index finger.

God if she dropped it!!!!!

'Its no ones so can I please have it back?'

'No I don't think so'

**Bella's point of view**
Hahaha now I finally have something over Claire. Just watching her face as I hover the phone in front of nose. I wonder who's phone this really is if she looks that worried about it? I watched her look around her room and I could tell that this was something important. But I don't care. I want to get back at her for all the times she has told me to GO AWAY or LEAVE ME ALONE or when she calls me stupid. We'll lets see who's the stupid one now.

'Bella give me that phone!!!!' Claire practically screamed at me.


Oh good now I have a name.

'Whose this Louis? Is he your boyfriend?' I asked her and I made kissie faces in her direction.

'Thats it!!' she cried and jumping up from the floor she started chasing me.

Crap run Bella run!!!!

**Claire's point of view**
That little bitch I am going to murder her and bury her in the backyard in a pile of dog shit. I tore after her running as fast as I could. I was faster then Bella and I was gaining on her quickly.

But then she ran out the front door and into the rain. It was bucketing down. We were both still running as fast as we could but then I slipped over on the wet concrete and slammed into the ground. Pain lanced up my leg from my ankle and my head started to throb.

Oh god I've definatly hurt something bad.

Bella stopped and turned around.

The pain in my ankle was doubling. Oh god owwwwwwwww.

I pressed my hand into the ground and slowly tried to push myself up. Bit by bit I was able to lift my torso off the ground and bring me left leg around under me to push myself up.

My right was still throbbing with pain so I tried to keep my weight off it. Shaking I was able to stand. I heard the door slam behind me. Great just great. My soo called sister as left me out in the rain with a probably broken ankle and to make matters worse she still has Louis' phone.

Slowly and painfully I hobbled through the gate and up to the front door. I tried the handle. It was locked. Bella had locked the door and left me out in the rain.

And no of course we don't have a spare key. Mum thought it would be to easy for people to rob us if she left a key under the door mat and she doesn't even care that every time my sister comes home she leaves the front door wide open.

I turned and sat down on the grass. The pain in my ankle hadn't subsided and a bruise was starting to form. Fantastic now what else can go wrong.

Just then a car pulled into the diveway.

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