Hello Directioners

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**Ellie's point of view**

I opened the door and we walked into my house. Zayn followed me into the sitting room and we sat down on the couch. We had been out all day shopping and there were shopping bags surrounding my legs. Zayn hadn't let me pay for anything and if I refused then he just bought it anyway.

I love him so much that I can't put it in to words. We just get along so well and have lots of things in common. I don't know what I'll do when he has to go back to London. I don't want him to ever leave me. I just want to spend all my time with him.

'Um Ellie are your parents home?' he asked.



He stared into my eyes and leaned in towards me. I closed my eyes and let his soft lips press against mine.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my hard. I snaked my hands around his.

I lay back on the couch and he leant forward, laying his body on mine still kissing me passionately.

'Ellie I'm home' I heard my mum call.

'Oh shit!' I swore, pushing Zayn off me.

He lost his balance on the couch and fell off the side.

'Zayn are you ok?' I whispered, urgently but quietly.

'I think so' I heard him whisper back.

'Good now stay hidden'.

I grabbed a book from the coffee table and sat up pretending to read just in time as Mum came in the door.

'Hello darling' she said, walking forward and sitting next to me on the couch.

'Hey' I said, keeping my eyes on the book.

'I see you went shopping' she said fingering the handles of one of the bags.

'Yeah I went with Lucy'.

'Is she here?' she asked, looking around.

'No she left about 10mins ago' I lied.

'Oh I would have thought that she would have stayed a bit longer' Mum said getting up and heading out of the room.

'I'll be in my office if you need me' she said over her shoulder as she left.

'Coast is clear' I muttered and Zayn appeared behind the couch and walked around and sat back down next to me.

'Well that was close' I said to him but then I heard footsteps coming back.

'Hide' I scream whispered to him and he dived off the back of the couch and landed on the floor with a loud thud.

I heard him swear quietly as Mum came back into the room.

'Ellie dear, Hannah's on the phone' she said holding out the home phone.

'Oh thanks' I said as I took it from her and she walked out the door.

'Hello' I said as I held the phone up to my ear.

Zayn came out from behind the couch and sat next to me, massaging the top of his head where he must have hit it on the ground.

'Hey El, how you doing?' Hannah said and I could hear Niall in the background chatting to someone.

'Good, what up?' I asked her mouthing Hannah's name at Zayn so he understood who I was on the phone to.

'Well Harry came up with the idea of all of us getting together and having dinner tonight. You and Zayn wanna come????'

'What about the whole Harry Claire thing?' I asked her.

'I don't know, Lucy didn't say anything about that when she rang me but Louis and Claire are both coming, so is Harry and Katie so I guess that's all sorted out I think. So will you come??? It would be.... Niall don't kick the cat, it did nothing to you.. hang on Ellie I'll be right back' Hannah said and I heard a commotion coming from the phone.

I rested my head against Zayn's shoulder and he wrapped an arm around me, pulling me close.

'Do you want to go out for dinner tonight with the others?' I asked him.

'Sure' he said.

'I'm back Ellie, sorry Niall sat on my cat and it scratched him so he tried to kick her. So is that a yes?'

'It is' I said to her.

'Yay! Ok I think that we're all going together so we'll will probably be at your house soon'

'How soon is soon?' I asked her.

'I have no idea but soon' she said and hung up.

I dropped the phone on the couch and snuggled closer into Zayn.

'Why don't you want your Mum to know that were together?' he asked me. I looked up into his beautiful brown eyes and sighed.

'It's not that easy' I muttered.

'How? Am I just not good enough for you to show your parents?' he asked, getting angry.

'Zayn, don't get mad. It's not like that at all. Your perfect for me and I love you but you see... my mum told me, about 2 years ago, that if I ever got a boyfriend before I was 18 then she would kill me. I think my mum wants me to become a nun.' I said glumly and Zayn smiled.

'Well you would make a cute nun' Zayn said, kissing my nose lightly.

'Hannah said that they will be here to pick us up soon' and no sooner had the words left my mouth when the door bell rang.

'That's probably them' I said, getting up and heading out of the sitting room.

I opened the front door, Zayn standing behind me to see Harry, Louis, Claire, Katie, Hannah, Niall, Jessie, Lucy and Liam all standing there.

'Ellie!!' the girls squealed giving me a tight hug.

'Zayn!!!!!' the boys squealed running forward and giving Zayn a hug too.

'Well shall we go' Hannah said, skipping off down the path, pulling Niall along behind her.

'MUM I'M GOING OUT' I screamed up the stairs as I grabbed my coat and headed outside with the others.

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