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Ok so as I said in the last chapter this is THE DATE

Dancing around my bedroom listening to WMYB in my new pink PJs!! How cool am I!!!!

Thank you to all the people who have commented and voted on my story so far. It means a lot to me. If you have any ideas that could help me please let me know.

This chapter is dedicated to LauraPaynexxx for writing the scene in the movies.


**Lucy’s point of view**

‘Please tell me where were going?’ I asked for the hundredth time. He just shook his head and kept his gaze on the road.

It has been 20mins since we’d  left Claire’s house and I still have no idea where we are going. Liam won’t tell me a thing. He wants it to be a surprise. Well whoop tee doo I hate surprises.


We had stopped at a traffic light so Liam turned in his seat to look at me. I pouted, which only made his smile wider.

‘Luce I am not going to tell you where we’re going’.

‘Why not????’

‘Because as I have told you for the millionth time, I want it to be a surprise’ Liam said as he turned back to face the front because the light had turned green.

‘Your mean’ I muttered before gazing out the window.

The weather was really nice today which is a nice change from the rainy April that we have been having. The sky is bright blue with white clouds dotted here and there. You couldn’t even tell that the night before it had been raining cats and dogs.

I was starting to get a bit worried. I have no idea where we are and I have lived in Melbourne all my life.

‘Liam do you know where you’re going?’ I asked him.

 ‘Of course I do’.

Well that looks like the end of that convocation. I’ll just stick to staring at him as he drives.

‘We’re here!!!’ Liam shouted, stopping the car and turning off the engine.

‘Um where are we?’ I asked him. We were parked in the car park in front of a small group of shops.

‘Not sure exactly’ he said opening the door and getting out of the car.

I got out of the car and shut the door behind me. Liam walked around the hood of the car and stopped just in front of me. He grabbed my hands and stared me straight in the eye. I stood up on my tippy toes and pecked him once, lightly on the lips.

‘Now will you tell me what we’re doing?’ I asked. He smiled and reached up to brush away a strand of hair that had escaped from my pony tail. I shivered at his touch.

‘Are you cold?’ he asked.

I shook my head.

‘How do you feel about going to the movies with me?’ he asked.

‘Sure! What are we seeing?’

‘The Titanic’.

‘Oh my god I love that movie. But where’s the cinema?’

‘That’s the fun part, I have no idea where it is either’ he said looking around us as he did. I stared at some of the shops closest to us. Where the hell would a cinema be?

‘There it is!’ I said, pointing down the line of shops to the very end.

‘Ok lets go’ he said, grabbing my hand and together we walked towards the movies.

I buried my head closer into Liam's chest as the movie comes to a sad point! Why couldn't any of these movies be happy?!? Why can't everyone just be happy for once in their freaking lives?!?!

‘Lucy you okay?’  Liam asks me concerned.

‘THIS IS SO SAD LI!!!!!’ I say a little too loudly totally forgetting we were in a cinema.

This leads to a lot of shushes from the people surrounding us...

 ‘Awwww Lucy! That's the point of the movie though!’  Liam says chuckling.

‘But they're meant to be together!!’ I whisper.

‘Like you and I?’ Liam asks smirking.

‘Exactly!! They love each other just like I love you!’  I say sobbing.

‘You love me?’ Liam asks shocked.

‘Of course!!’  I say grinning.

‘Well Lucy Miller I love you too!’ Liam says quietly before he crashes his lips onto mine. I kiss back instantly, our lips move together in sync. Liam grazes his tongue against my bottom lip begging for entrance, I gladly grant it, our tongues battling for dominance. Things began to get heated.  I could feel his warm hands slowly reaching up my shirt.

Before we're interrupted by a voice behind us.

‘Get a room both of you!! There are other people here you realise’ they shout out rudely.

We both pull away quickly, the blood instantly rushing to my cheeks...

After the movie finished we headed to Cold Rock and both ordered ice creams. We pissed the people who work there off because we had an ice cream fight. Well it’s not my fault. LIAM STARTED IT!!! So I don’t think we’re welcome back there again.

Right now we’re sitting in the park just down the road from Claire’s house. I sat with my back against a tree while Liam lay down with his head in my lap. I ran my fingers through his silky hair. I wish this moment would never end. And thank god Jessie isn’t here to ruin it. At least that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about.

Just then Liam’s phone started ringing.

He reached into his pocket and pulled it out.

‘Hello’ he answered, putting the phone on loud speaker.

‘You boys are in sooo much trouble!!!’ a very angry, pissed off person answered.


Hope you liked it. Best comment I receive on this chapter will have the next chapter dedicated to them.

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