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1 month after 1D left Melbourne 

May 2012

*Jessie's point of view*

'Yes Mum I'm fine' I said, holding my phone against my ear with my shoulder.

'No I promise not to do anything stupid.....yes I know that I may get lost but I'm not five, I can look after myself....ok love you mummy' I said and I hung up the phone.

I unlocked the apartment door and walked inside.

'Wow' I said under my breath. The apartment was so huge. I mean take what you think is huge and times it by like 100 then subtract 40 and that's how big it was.

There was a kitchen in one corner of the main room, a dining table and a lounge with a big flat screen TV. I could see 3 doors leading off the main room. One probably to the bathroom, another to my bedroom and the last to the spare bedroom.

When my uncle said he would take care of everything he wasn't kidding. I went over to the cupboards in the kitchen and saw that it was already stocked with food. I opened the fridge. Yes APPLE JUICE!!

Ha yes I completely got that you have no idea where I am. How silly of me! You see the morning that One Direction went back to England I got a letter that has now changed me life.

A few months before hand I had auctioned for a production called StarKid. I really enjoy acting, singing and dancing even though I suck at dancing and people say that I look like a chicken who had its head chopped off when I dance but that's beside the point. The point is, is that StarKid is a group from America who create musicals and put them on YouTube. I've been obsessed with their videos since the very beginning and it has always been a dream of mine to to auction. So when they ran a competition to join StarKid, I entered a video of myself being myself which was quite hilarious, I must tell you about it next Tuesday when we're meeting for dinner.

So I got a letter that said that I had won and I quickly packed up my things and moved to Los Angeles. My uncle who is like rich and I mean RICH said that he could find me an apartment to rent because he lives in America and works as a real estate agent.

I was expecting him to find some small place in the middle of nowhere but no he buys me a massive apartment right in the middle of the city and pays for the whole thing himself. I love my family.

'Knock knock knock' I heard someone behind me say.

I turned around, startled.

'Holy dead God you scared the living day lights out of me' I said to the man in my door way.

'Sorry' he apologised, as he walked inside and took a seat on one of the couches.

'Sure come right in' I said sarcastically.

'Don't mind if I do' he said, putting his hands behind his head and resting his feet on the coffee table.

'I'm Joe by the way. Joe Walker. It looks like we'll be working together now'.

HOLY FUDGE IT'S JOE WALKER!!!!! I've been in love with him for years. He's from StarKid by the way, as of you wouldn't already know that. Be cool Jessie. Be cool. You have to work with this dude for the next few months so don't be some crazy fan who has a massive crush on him, so just pretend not to be yourself even though that's something you promised you'd never do because your mum always says to be yourself.

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