**Claire's point of view**

Katie looked sooo shocked. I knew it was the right thing to come here. If I were Louis, Katie would be my Harry. We were the best of friends and I knew I could trust her with anything and that she would believe me if I ever told her something ridicules. Like this

'Holy fuck Claire how do you know?' she asked 

'I called one of the contacts and it turned out to be Harry'  

'HARRY!! HARRY STYLES' she screamed 

'Yes' I said trying to keep her calm. She looked like a little kid on Christmas day. Her eyes were all lit up like a Christmas tree and she was breathing really fast.

'What did he say? What was it like? Did he sound cute?' she asked really fast. 

'Not much, yes it was great and how the heck would I know I was trying not to wet myself'

'Oh god Harry' Katie got up from the bed and started dancing around the room, humming What Makes You Beautiful under her breath. God someone's not gonna sleep to night.

'That's why I need your help' I told her pulling her back down onto the bed next to me. 

'So Bella has Mr Tomlinson's phone?'  

'Yeah so what's the best way to get it back?'  

Katie is the mastermind of all plans. She always has the answer.

'Personally I recommend either murder, we throw her in front of a bus or that we just take the phone and run or force her into giving it to you. I think the first option sounds great but I don't want u going to jail so the last one it is' 

'Ok so how should we do this?' I asked 

'Well,' she said getting up and starting to pace the room.

'What is the one thing in the world that she loves the most?'  

'Thats easy, her Justin Bieber barbie doll' 

'Well then why don't we steal that and make a trade?' 

'How? I don't even know where it is?' 

'But I know someone who does' Katie said an evil glint in her eye.

'ALICE!!!!' we both screamed at the same time and Katie's 8 year old sister Alice came running into the room.  

'What is it? What's wrong?' she asked looking all frazzled. Oh god she is sooooo cute. She always wears her black hair in two piggy tails and her and Katie always get along. It's not fair!! Why can't my sister be like Alice?

'We were wondering if you knew where Bella keeps her Justin Bieber doll?' I asked her.  

Alice and my sister were really close so if anyone knew where it was, it would Alice.

'Oh that's easy! She always keeps it in a shoe box under her bed so that people don't...oh darn I've given it away!' she put her hand over her mouth. The one flaw that Alice has is that she can never keep her mouth shut. 

'Thanks Alice' Katie said pushing her out the door and closing it behind her.

'Well' I said. 'BFF of mine. Would you like to go kidnap Justin Bieber with me?'  

'Of course I would'  

We both started laughing and were still laughing when Dylan came in with the crutches.

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