Ok change of plans. This part is all in a new character called Jessie's point of view because she is the only character that I haven't introduced yet so yeah I hope u like it


**Jessie's point of view**

Stupid Louis. He forgot. Of course he forgot. I had been standing at the park for two hours waiting for him to show up but he never did. I had finally given up when it started raining and hoped into my car and started driving. Not to sure where I'm going but it's something.

Louis and I used to be best friends back when we were younger. I was born in Doncaster and my family moved to Australia 5 years ago. That's how Louis and I meet. We lived in the same street and were next door neighbors. He is a year older than me but that never mattered. We were always doing stuff together, mucking around and doing what ever we felt like and he was the only person who was always there for me.

When I moved here we still stayed in touch then about two years ago I stopped hearing from him at all. He never call me back or texted me or even emailed me and it wasn't until One Direction infection hit Australia that I even learnt he was in a boy band.

Then when I learnt that he was coming to Australia I rang him and asked if he wanted to meet up with me. It wasn't until like the 2,000 time that I finally got through and was able to speak to him. For about 40 seconds in which all we did was exchange information about when and where.

I really miss him!!

I was in the car driving when a thought came to me. Why don't I track his phone? He'll have it on him and I'll be able to see where their staying and go and see him myself.

I parked the car on the side of the road outside these white town houses. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and clicked on the phone tracker app. Thank god my dad had thought that one day I would need it.

I typed in Louis' number and waited.


An address popped up on the screen.

Yay I hadn't really thought that it would work. I'm not trying to stalk him. What if he doesn't want to see me? Stuff it I do what ever I want!!

I enter the address into Google maps ( A/N I love Google!!!!!!).




The screen changed to a map and I was able to see where I am.

Ha what a stroke of luck!!!!! I had parked right outside.

I climbed out of the car and walked up the drive way and up to the front door.

I rang the door bell and waited. Nobody came. 

Stuff it I thought to myself.

I turned the door handle and opened the door. A long hall way opened up in front of me. I could see what looked like a kitchen at the end. Good I'm staving.

I walked down the hall passing a closed door that I could hear voices behind. Probably Harry entertaining one of his lady friends. I continued down the hall passing a room covered in Justin Bieber posters. Not the sort of place I had thought that they would stay in. I had thought it would be in a hotel of some sort. This looked like a families home. Maybe they were staying with some friends. Who cares? All I know is that Louis is here somewhere.

I walked into the kitchen and headed over to the fridge. The T.V was on in the lounge room in front of me with two people sitting on the couch with its back to me. Probably two of the other boys. I looked in the fridge. Jackpot there was heaps of food. I went over to the pantry and grabbed the loaf of bread and put it on the bread board. From the fridge I grabbed lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, ham, cucumber and mayonnaise. I took two slices of bread from the bag and started making myself a sandwich. Louis won't mind. I'm just really hungry I'm not trying to steal their food.

Once I was done I placed my really cool sandwich on a plate and put all the leftover stuff away. I was just about to leave when I realised I was thirsty. What should I have? I know!! I went to the fridge and started looking for my favourite drink, apple juice.

'What kind of monster doesn't have any apple juice!!' I shouted when I realised there was none there.

A head looked up from the couch and stared at me. She looked about 9 with long curly hair and a cute face.

'Your not Claire!!' she said sounding surprised.  

'Not shit Sherlock' I said to her as I grabbed my sandwich and headed up the hall way. The little girl started running to catch up with me.

'Who are you? How did you get in?'  

I didn't answer just kept walking. Who the hell is this chick?

I continued up the hall. I could hear more voices from the room with the closed door. Wait a second was that Louis? I didn't wait long enough to find out. I walked over and opened the door into a 15 year olds bedroom.


Ok sorry its a bit short I've got a party tonight and a tone of homework so I may not be able to update for a while

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