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**Claire's point of view**

We all got out of the car and tiptoed up to my front door. I can't believe I'm letting them sleep here again. My parents would never let me have 10 people sleep over especially if 5 of them were boys. That's why we're being really quite. If we don't wake them up then we don't have to tell them. It is about 9.00 now, so really not that late but my mum likes to go to bed early because it helps her snoring. I have no idea how and I'm pretty sure it doesn't but that's what she believes.

My dad sleeps with ear plugs in its that bad.

I opened the front door quietly with the spare key and we all tiptoed inside. I quietly shut the door behind Ellie as she was the last one in.

'And what do you think your doing?' I heard my mum say and I turned around to find her standing in front of us, arms crossed and glaring.

'It's good to see you again Mrs Grey' Louis said but Mum wasn't listening. Her eyes were on Harry.

'Harry baby you came back for me!' she said running at him and pulling him into a tight hug, lifting his feet off the ground as she did.

'MUM LET GOOOOOO!!!!' I screamed at her and all the rest of us tried to get my mum off Harry who was starting to turn blue from lack of air.

She finally let go and Harry staggered backwards, gasping.

'Um Mrs Grey he has a girlfriend' Liam said.

'Oh really and who might that be?' Mum asked skeptically.

'Me' Katie said, raising her hand.

Mum looked taken aback.

'Well then...it's a good thing I like you' and she walked away back up the hall way.

'Ok that was...' Zayn started to say.

'Weird' Liam said.

'Well I guess it means you guys can stay' I said and we walked down the hall into the kitchen.

Dad was there and so was Bella. Mum sat down next to Dad on the couch and she blew a kiss in Harry's direction. He quickly moved behind Katie to hide from view.

'Were going out the back. Please do not disturb' I said.

'Ok but stop I need to talk to all of you first' Mum said.

'Yes' I said.

'Well now since there are going to be boys at this little sleep over then I want you know that if you are going to have sex then...'

'Mum it's ok we get it' I said in a rush trying to stop her from finishing that sentence.

'No no no let me finish. It you are going to have sex then you must use protection. Especially you Claire. I want grandchildren but not this earlier. I can't be a grandma yet. It would make me feel old.'

'Mum trust me none of that is going to happen tonight' I said.

'Well just in case you feel the need to you know, get it on, I'll leave some condoms on the table'.

'Yes thankyou for making this very awkward' I said to her.

We walked into the back room, me shaking my head as we went.

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