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Ok so this chapter is like REALLY short but I was tired and wanted to go to bed


**Lucy's point of view** 

I closed the lid of my lap top and sat back in my chair. I've spent the whole day on the Internet trying to find out where 1D are staying. I know I sound like a stalker but come on these are just stuff you need to know!!!! Like what if a bomb hit the hotel. Then I would know where to go to rescue them. Or I don't know, a dedicated Directioner wanted to see them and sleep outside their hotel door.


Oh shit that's my phone.  

Where is it???? Where is it???  

I found it under my dirty laundry pile. The caller ID read CURLY<3 

'Hello' I answered.

I heard screaming in the back ground then Claire saying.

'Luce, Luce you have to come to my house straight away!!!! It's an emergency!!!!!!!'  

'Ok I'll be right there' I told her before I hung up.  

'Mum!!' I shout as I ran out the door pulling my jacket on. 'I'm going to Claire's'.

'Sure dear but be home by 10'  

I ran out the front with my keys in my hand.

**Hannah's point of view** 

I closed the door softly behind me. I was hoping that my sneaking out would go unnoticed but apparently not because my Dad was standing in front of me with his hands crossed over his chest. Oh God I am in deep shit!

'Hannah Johnson, do you have any idea how worried I've been?' 

'No but I'm sure you'll tell me' I muttered under my breath. I hate it when my Dad acts all parental and stuff when he is normally cool with just about everything I do. 

'May I ask where you have been young lady?' 

'Riding' I answered heading into my bedroom. I am always riding. 

'Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?' he asked as I put my bag on my bed and started unpacking it. 

'Because I'm not a little kid any more and I can do what I like'. 

'We'll just see about that. Your grounded for a month'.  

Ha a month. Last grounding I had lasted 2 hours before I snuck out.  

He left, shutting the door behind him. Good now he can go annoy Peter for all I care.


That's my phone. I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it. 


'Hannah banana you need to come to Claire's house right away it's a 1D thing!!!' Katie told me. 

'K' I answered before I shut my phone and headed over to the window.

Stupid Dad! He forgot to lock it. I jumped out and headed over to my car.

**Ellie's point of view** 

I checked my reflection in the mirror once more before I left the bathroom. I need to look just right. Mum, Dad and I were all going to the movies tonight for the first time in ages. They are always soooo busy and I hardly ever get to spend any time with them. Being an only child sucks because I never had anyone to play with growing up but now I've got my BBFs I'm set.


Oh crap where's my phone. I started rummaging through my make up bag. It's gotta be here somewhere!! 


Found it! 

'Hi Claire' I said because I knew it was her.  

'Hey El, I know your going out with your parents tonight but can you please come over to my house'  

'I don't know I'll have to talk to them'  

I was a bit disappointed but it sound like Claire had something important going on. 

'Mum, Dad can we go out tomorrow night instead?'  

I asked them as I walked into their bedroom. 

'Sure thing I had a meeting that I need to attend anyway' Dad said kissing my head as he headed out of the door. 

'Mum I'm going to Claire's'  

'Ok' she said  

I ran out if my parents room through the kitchen then out the front door, grabbing my keys as I went.

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