Chapter 4- I Was On The Phone To Harry Styles

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Once in my bedroom I slammed my door shut.

Stupid sister. I hate her so much. Sadness filled me.

I MISSED ONE DIRECTION!!!!! Pull your self together Claire, it'll be on YouTube. Oh God I love you YouTube. 

Quick run down of my bedroom. There is a double bed in the centre of the room with a desk on one side and my wardrobe and bookcase on the other side. Yes my room is big thank you very much. All over the walls I have pictures of the 5 most perfect boys in the whole world. All the stuff about them in magazines and pictures, cover every surface of my walls so that you can't even tell what colour my walls really are (pink by the way). 

My favourite member of 1D is probably Louis. He has his own part of my wall, just for Louis photos.

I love his smile, his eyes, his brown hair, just everything about him. Even his obsession with carrots. Wait carrots, oh right the phone. I took it out of my pocket and sat on my bed. I slid the slider across again and clicked on the phone symbol. 

Up opened this persons contact list.

There were lots of names on there but 4 of them had little stars next to them so I picked the first on of them because it looked important. Stars make everything important.

Now do I remember what it said even though at the time I didn't even think about it. The contact read Hazzabear.

The phone rang a few times then was answered with a voice that I would have been able to recognise any where.

'Hello, Lou I thought you lost your phone'

I was on the phone to Harry Styles

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