'Hey guess what!!' Bella said as I sat down at the table with MY strawberries.

'What?' I said through a mouth full of strawberry.

'One Direction were on ICarly this afternoon' 

I spat the strawberries out of my mouth and all over Mum's new knitting magazine. Hahah that's part of my pay back.

'WHAT!!!!' I practically screamed at Bella

'It was on just before, but I forgot to tap it. Wooops!!'


'I forgot'

'You forgot!!! That is such a stupid excuse, you know how much these boys mean to me!!!' '


'Don't say your sorry because......'

Just then the phone rang. I got up from my chair and stomped over to the phone. I picked it up and held it against my ear.


'Hi sweetie did you have a nice day?'

Oh crap Mum.

'Yeah it was great how about you?' I made my voice all light and happy.

'Oh nothing much just stayed at the hotel today. How's Bella?'

I looked over to her. She was sitting on the couch with her arms crossed. I didn't care if she was mad but I don't want her telling mum that we're fighting because I'm always the one who gets in trouble. 

'She's great!' I tried to sound happy but I failed terribly. Oh God she's gonna ask to speak to Bella, then I'd be dead for sure. 

'That's great dear, can I speak to her?'

'Umm...' Before I could say anything else Bella ran forward and snatched the phone out of my hand. 

'Hey!' I protested (like Jimmy) but she didn't listen to me.

'Hi Mum.... yeah school was..... I did have a good day yes..... I learnt that there is a P in Mum...... I know neither did I..... she started yelling at me because I didn't record a show for her'

I lunged for the phone but she skipped out of my way. 

'Yeah, ok I'll tell her... ok love you too Bye!!'

Bella turned to me with a smirk on her face.

'Mum said you need to stop yelling at me and that your grounded until she gets back!!!'

Grounded for what? Yelling at my sister. Everyone yells at their sisters, not just me so why am I the one getting in trouble? Oh that's right because my parents hate me and want to ruin my life and my sister is a barbie doll devil.

What do I care? I'll be 18 in 3 years so I'll be able to go my own way. Even though that's a really long time away. Poo, now I'm sad.

'I hate you,' was all I said as turned and stomped up into my bedroom. I could hear Bella laughing all the while.      

What a mean sister and p.s she is based on my real life sister who is just as stupid hehehehe (Don't tell her that!!)


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