It was a mobile phone.

An IPhone 4 to be exact.

It was sitting in the grass on the nature strip outside of my house. Well what should I do?? I could go and pick it up and take it and never ever give it back mwahahahahah! No that's just wrong and what's with the evil laugh.

God I'm gonna go crazy soon.

Why don't I ring one of the contacts I thought. Found out who it belongs to and then get in touch with them to give it back. Yes Claire that is the right thing to do.

I walked over and picked it up. The phone wasn't damaged which was good and looked new. I pressed the button at the top. The screen lit up with an image of a carrot. Really a carrot!! What sort of boring person has a carrot as their background. I can't talk I have a strawberry. There is nothing wrong with that it is a artistic choice.

Any way I slid the slider across. Luckily there was no password other wise I would be in deep trouble. I was about to click on the green phone icon when it started to rain.

I quickly ran up my drive way and unlocked the gate. The front door was wide open and water was starting to puddle on the ground. Of course Bella forgot to shut the front door but then again what do I care if she got stolen. Nothing but I would get in deep shit from mum so maybe a little.

I could hear the TV from the back and what sounded like ICarly. I walked down the hall way, stopping once to drop my soaking wet bag in my bedroom and made my way out the back.

Bella was sitting, no lying on the kitchen table watching an old episode of ICarly no True Jackson I have no clue. 

'Get off the table' I barked at her and made my way over to the fridge. 

'Make me. I was here first' she replied turning slightly to see how much it annoyed me.

And it did. I hate it when she thinks she's soooo much better than me. I'm 6 almost 7 years older then her and she thinks she rules the world. So I walked over grabbed her around the waist and threw her onto the couch. 

'Oww, watch it Claire or I'll call Mum' 

' You don't even know how to spell Mum' Nice Claire. Very nice come back. As you can tell I have been working on them. 

'Yes I do it's M. U. M'

'So what about the P'

' What P?'

God she is sooo stupid

'In-between the M and the U stupid' I told her as I grabbed a couple of strawberries from the fridge.

Note to Self get strawberries on way home tomorrow ran out. Friendly tip, strawberries are my favourite food in the world sooo don't you dare take one.

' No way really?' Bella said as she righted herself and sat in a more comfortable position.

'Yeah didn't you know' I said as I sat down at the table. She is sooo blonde it is not funny. Even though she has brown hair like me. 

'No I didn't. Wow you learn something new everyday'

Now you see what I have to live with. Sometimes I feel I'm the only normal one in the family!!!

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