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Ok so if I upload this tonight that is 3 updates in a day. Hope this makes up for not writing like at all last week.



This chapter was easy to write because I had already written like half of it.


**Claire’s point of view**

‘Good luck’ I called to the boys as they prepared to go on stage.

Yes we’re back stage and we have front row seats. I love my life. We had arrivef at about 10 to 7 and the boys had to zip off to finish off some last minute stuff so us girls all just hung around in their dressing room. We could hear the screams. God girls you guys make a lot of noise.

I hugged Louis and Niall who were the closest to me, but then the boys were pushed away from us, so I didn’t get to hug the rest of them.

Hannah and Lucy left first because they were both racing for seats then Ellie followed to break up the fight that was bound to happen between them. In started to follow them.

 But I felt arms wrap around me from behind and I leant back into his embrace. He kissed along my jaw line.

‘Louis you have to go..’ I said turning around to look at him.

But what I saw was not the blue eyes of Louis Tomlinson.

They were green.

I jerked away from him. I stared at him dumb founded. What the hell just happen?????

‘Claire I’ve wanted to do that ever since we first met’ he said softy, moving closer towards me.

I backed away from him fast. Doesn’t he understand how very creepy that sounds. Especially because he is talking to his BEST FRIENDS GIRLFRIEND!!!

‘Harry I don’t like you in that way. I love Louis’ I said to him but I don’t think he heard me because he was being ushered on stage.

I turned away and headed back down to the girls, shaking. What just happened NEVER happened!!!!

I had always dreamed of this moment. Watching One Direction sing their hearts out. And I had spent the last two days with them. I am dating one of them. How many other directioners can cay that? Only 4 and they are sitting right next to me. I wasn’t thinking about what Harry had just done. Those thoughts just ran out of my head as soon as the music started.

The screams from the fans was deafening. But I loved every minute of it. We all got up and were dancing, singing, screaming along with all the other fans in the room. Because that’s what we are, fans who just so happened to get lucky.

Up all night

Like this, all night, hey

Up all night

Like this, all night, hey

Up all night

The boys sang the end of the song and the crowd was screaming again.

‘This next song is dedicated to a special someone out in the audience’ Harry said. I looked over at Katie. Awwww his dedicating a song to her!!

‘She doesn’t know how I feel but Claire I love you’ he said and the music started for One Thing.

Shock filled me. WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!!!!

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