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This is a special chapter in honour of the amazayn Molly Dalton whose birthday is tomorrow!!!

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I am in all of them hehehehehe as Sarah, Ellie and Bianca



**Ellie’s point of view**

‘HELLO IS ANYONE THERE!!!’ I screamed through the door.

Zayn got up and stood beside me.

‘HELP I’M TOOO HOT  TO DIE’ he screamed, banging the door with his fist. I stared at him.

‘What!!’ he retorted.

‘Nothing, your cute when you’re scared’.

‘I don’t think anyone’s home’ I said to him as I walked over to the wall and slid down into the spot where I had been sitting before.

‘Do you have your phone?’ Zayn asked me, sitting down again.

‘No I don’t but.... hang on a minute’ I said as a realisation came over me.


‘It’s Jessie’s plan’

‘What?’ Zayn said again sounding even more confused.

‘Jessie hatched this plan with Claire’s little sister to lock her in the bathroom so Jessie could get her hands on Louis’.

Zayn looked shocked.

‘When did she plan this?’ he asked me.

‘Last night as we were eating dinner. I overheard her telling Bella her plan. Now we’re stuck in here until the others get back’.

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